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Lydia Sargent: There’s No Such Thing As Legitimate Rape, Because There’s No Such Thing As Rape

For weeks on end, we heard about no pregnancy rape, bad weather rape, no rape in marriage, forced rape, gray rape—sex that falls between consent and denial—and date rape.

Aaron White: This election can’t contain the rage of young Americans

Since May, eight million Americans have fallen into poverty, with minorities and children being hit the hardest.
The crack at the center of America is growing

Norman Solomon: Progressives Made Trump’s Defeat Possible. Now It’s Time to Challenge Biden and Other Corporate Democrats

With enormous grassroots outreach that only they could credibly accomplish, progressive activists were a crucial part of the de facto united front to defeat Trump. Now it’s time to get on with grassroots organizing to challenge corporate Democrats

Noam Chomsky: Voting Is Not the End of Our Work. It’s Only the Beginning

Once Trump is fully removed, the work will be to move forward to construct the better world that is within reach

Jack Rasmus: How Could 70 Million Still Have Voted for Trump?

Photo by Julian Leshay/     Media pundits and others have been deeply perplexed as to why so many Americans in this election—70 million, in fact—voted for Trump. But it’s not all that difficult to understand. There are three major explanations: the economy, health, and, most important, a matter of culture and racism manipulated by Read more…

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