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Jack Rasmus: U.S. vs. China: From Tariff War to Economic War

Nextgen technology development is at the core of that restructuring and restoration of U.S. hegemony. Trump is just the appearance, the historic vehicle, behind the deeper global capitalist transformation in progress

Ted Glick: Climate Tipping Points and the Poor People’s Campaign

How are we going to address poverty? One major way, the most critical way, is via the Green New Deal route and the conscious creation of millions of decent-paying jobs as we rapidly get off fossil fuels and create a truly green economy

Kathy Kelly: An Honorable Course in Iran: End Sanctions, Resume Dialogue

Rather than planning cyberattacks and new means of aggression, the United States should heed calls for dialogue and negotiation

Ramzy Baroud: Kushner as a Colonial Administrator: Let’s Talk About the “Israeli Model”

The fact that Palestinian intellectuals, poets and activists have been imprisoned for Facebook and other social media posts should tell us volumes about the limits of Israel’s freedom of press and expression

Mark Harris: Liberate Medicine from the Profiteers

The widespread popular support for Medicare for All represents a potentially unstoppable popular movement

Sean Keller: Connecting the Dots: Insane Trade and Climate Chaos

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Ted Glick: People in Cages on the Border on July 4th

We need to do whatever we can, for as long as necessary,  until these vile camps are shut down

Noam Chomsky: Economic Boom” a Sham

The deaths of despair are estimated at 150,000 a year, contributing to the decline in life expectancy in the U.S. for the past two years, the first time since World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic—a phenomenon unprecedented in developed societies

Isabel Marlens: The Farms of the Future

The farms of the future should be regenerative, diverse, accessible, community-oriented, places of celebration

Kathleen Foster: Caravan: Workers Who Want to Work

In the tradition of the Underground Railroad, anti-racist solidarity is propelling many to take action to free the refugees

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