Events, Campaigns, New Releases


OCCUPY TOGETHER – Occupy Together is the unofficial hub for the various occupations springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. Towns and cities worldwide are participating.


IRAN/WAR – United For Peace and Justice has initiated and launched the Iran Pledge of Resistance with numerous member groups and other peace and social justice organizations. The pledge is to take action against war with Iran.


MULTICULTURE – The 25th Annual National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) holds its annual conference May 29-June 2 in New York City.

Contact: Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, 3200 Marshall Avenue, Suite 290, Norman, OK 73072; 405-325-3694;

BIKING – Bikes Not Bombs is holding its 25th annual Bike-A-Thon and Green Roots Festival in Boston, MA on June 3, with several bike rides scheduled, music, exhibits, and more.

Contact: Bikes Not Bombs, 284 Amory St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130; 617-522-0222;;

CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM – The Fortune Society and The Sentencing Project will host “To Build a Better Criminal Justice System” on June 4 in Harlem, NYC. The event is a forum on a 25-year vision for criminal justice reform.


TORTURE/GITMO – The DC March Against Torture, Guantanamo, and the NDAA is called for June 24 in Washington, DC. Participating groups include the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Witness Against Torture, Amnesty International and others.


MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION – The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) will host a Summer Institute June 28-30 at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. The theme is, “Addressing the Demographic Imperative: Recruiting and Preparing a Diverse and Highly Effective Teaching Force.”


PRISONERS – The Chicano Mexicano Prison Project (CMPP) will hold its 14th annual conference/summit on Raza prisoners and colonialism on June 9 at Cafe on “A” in Oxnard, CA. This year’s theme is “Breaking the Chains towards Raza Liberation: Free the Oppressed.”

Contact: 619-923-3685;

RADIO – The 37th Annual Community Radio Conference is scheduled for June 13-16 in Houston, TX with discussions and workshops.

Contact: National Federation of Community Broadcasters, 1970 Broadway, Suite 1000, Oakland, CA 94612; 510-451-8200;;

PEOPLE’S SUMMIT – The People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice during Rio+20 is an event by global civil society that will take place between the 15th and the 23rd of June at Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro alongside the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), Rio+20.


ADC CONFERENCE – The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ACD) holds its annual conference June 21-24 in Washington, DC, with panel discussions and workshops on civil rights, media, the Mideast, and other topics.

Contact: ADC, 1732 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington DC, 20007; 202-244-2990;;

MEDIA – The 14th annual Allied Media Conference will be held June 28-July 1 at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Participatory workshops and skill shares will emphasize DIY alternative media to advance visions of a just and creative world.

Contact: Allied Media Projects, 4126 Third St., Detroit, MI 48201;

SOCIALISM – The Socialism 2012 Conference is scheduled for June 28-July 1 in Chicago, IL, featuring talks and panel discussions.


LA RAZA – The annual National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Conference is scheduled for July 7-10 in Las Vegas, with workshops, presentations and panel discussions.

Contact: NCLR Headquarters Office, Raul Yzaguirre Building, 1126 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036; 202-785-1670;

PEACESTOCK – On July 14, the 10th Annual Peacestock: A Gathering for Peace will take place at Windbeam Farm in Hager City, WI. Peacestock (formerly “Pigstock”) is a mixture of music, speakers, and community for peace. The event is sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 115.

Contact: Bill Habedank, 1913 Grandview Ave., Red Wing, MN 55066; 651-388-7733;;

POPULAR ECONOMICS – The Center for Popular Economics is holding its 2012 Summer Institute July 23-27 at Columbia University in New York City. No background in economics is needed for this intensive training. This year’s theme is, Economics for the 99%.

Contact: Center for Popular Economics, PO Box 785 Amherst, MA 01004; 413-545-0743;;

CUBA/PASTORS – The 23rd annual Pastors for Peace Friendship Caravan to Cuba is scheduled for July 1-July 31. Volunteers will travel across the U.S and Canada collecting aid and educating about the unjust blockade against Cuba, before an orientation in Texas, July 15-18, followed by an education program in Cuba, July 21-29, and finally a return back to the U.S. People can participate by attending or hosting local events, donating materials, or sponsoring a traveler.

Contact: IFCO/Pastors for Peace, 418 W. 145th St., New York, NY 10031; 212-926-5757;;

COMMUNITY MEDIA – The Alliance for Community Media 2012 National Conference is scheduled for July 31-August 2 in Chicago. Hands-on workshops and skillshares will be offered by this grassroots coalition of community media groups. This year’s theme is, “Collaborate.”

Contact: ACM, 1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, VA 22102;

FOOD CONFERENCE – The 6th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference will be held August 2-5 in Burlington, VT. The conference brings together food service professionals, farmers, educators, policy makers, students and many others. This year’s theme is, “Digging In.”


VETERANS – Veterans for Peace is holding its 27th annual convention August 8-12 in Miami, FL. This year’s theme is, Liberating the Americas: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Contact: Veterans For Peace, 216 S. Meramec Ave., St. Louis, MO 63105; 314-725-6005;

ECONOMICS – The Union For Radical Political Economics will hold a conference August 10-13 in High Falls, NY. The theme is, “Political Economy of the 99%: Today and Tomorrow.”


DISSIDENT ARTS FESTIVAL The Dissident Arts Festival is scheduled for August 17 (Brooklyn, NY) and 18 (Manhattan). The Festival is presented by Dissident Arts, the Brecht Forum, and 17 Frost Theatre of the Arts; organized by John Pietaro.

Contact: John Pietaro, 646-599-0060;;

PEOPLE’S CONVENTION – The Vermont Workers’ Center has called for a massive grassroots cross-movement event August 21-September 2 in Burlington, Vermont, to stand in contrast to and serve as a people’s alternative to the corporate influenced and controlled political process. Watch this space for more updates.

Contact: http://www.workers

COMMUNITIES – The Communities Conference is a networking and learning opportunity for co-operative or communal lifestyles, with workshops, events and entertainment, scheduled for August 31-September 3 at the Twin Oaks Community in Louisa, Virginia.

Contact: Twin Oaks Communities Conference, 138 Twin Oaks Road, Louisa, VA 23093;

WALL STREET SOUTH – From September 1-6, poor and working people from across the world plan to march on the Wall Street of the South in Charlotte, North Carolina. The march includes over 60 organizations from across the country including organized labor, peace groups, students and youth, immigrants’ rights, Occupy groups, and others.


CUBA/WOMEN – A Collaboration delegation, “Global Economic Crisis: Women Working Together to Advance Economic Justice and Human Rights,” will be held September 1-11. Applications are due by August 1.


PEACE DAY – September 21 is the UN’s International Day of Peace. The UN’s website features a worldwide calendar of events throughout the month promoting peace and opposing violence and war in diverse places worldwide.


HEALTHCARE – A Demonstration for Universal Healthcare has been called for October 6 on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Organizing groups include Healthcare-NOW!


TEACHERS – The 12th Annual Conference, “Teaching for Social Justice: Acts of Courage and Resistance,” will be held October 6 in San Francisco, CA. The free event features workshops, resources, and free childcare.

Contact: 415-676-7844;; 

Opportunities & Resources

ESSAYS WANTED – The Daniel Singer Millennium Prize Foundation invites submissions to the 2012 Daniel Singer Prize competition of up to 5,000 words on the question: “From Tahrir and Syntag- ma Squares to the Indig- nados and 99% movement, 2011 saw people in the streets challenging the monopoly of political, economic and financial power by elite minorities. What, if anything, is new about these movements and can they fundamentally change the status quo?” Submission deadline is August 1. 

Contact: The Daniel Singer Millennium Prize Foundation, PO Box 2371, El Cerrito, CA 94530; danielsingerfdn@g;

ORGANIZER WANTED – The Eastern Conference For Workplace Democracy seeks an individual, team of two, or group to plan, organize, and implement the July 2013 regional conference on worker cooperatives and workplace democracy.



ANTI-IMPERIALISM – Richard Seymour’s American Insurgents: A Brief History of American Anti-Imperialism examines the history of America as a force for democracy around the world as seen through the tradition of American anti-imperialism.

Contact: Haymarket Books, PO Box 180165, Chicago, IL 60618; 773-583-7884; info;

VOCODER/MUSIC HISTORY How To Wreck a Nice Beach: The Vocoder From World War II To Hip-Hop by Dave Tompkins is the story of how a military device designed to guard phones from eavesdroppers became the robot voice of hip-hop and pop music. The book traces the history of electronic voices.

Contact: Melville House, 145 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201;

LGBTQ/MEMOIRA Queer and Pleasant Danger: A Memoir by Kate Born- stein is the true story of a nice Jewish boy who joins the church of Scientology and leaves 12 years later to become the lovely lady she is today.

Contact: 25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108; 617-723-3097;

NOVEL/PROTESTThe Tower is a new novel about an Occupy-style movement that protests the corruption and violence represented by a city’s new football stadium.

Contact: americanpoplit@;


VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN – What happens when a woman goes in search of her identity and discovers that the cycle of violence she’s been working hard to break in the US is part of her history and culture on another continent? A Lot Like You attempts to raise questions about the cultures one inherits and chooses to pass down, and to illustrate how bearing witness to another’s suffering can break silences that have lasted a lifetime.


FOOD/LABOR – The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is currently fundraising to complete their film Fair Food. The film aims to explore the state of labor within the agriculture sector in the U.S. and the immoral practices that affect the lives of thousands of farm workers.



OCCUPY THIS ALBUMOccupy This Album is a 4-disc album of songs by Patti Smith, David Crosby, Ani DiFranco, Thievery Corporation, Yo La Tengo, Yoko Ono, and others, in support of Occupy Wall Street.


ANTIBALAS – Afrobeat band Antibalas will release a new album on August 7 on Daptone Records. The 12-piece band will tour in the summer and autumn.


IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE – Rapper Immortal Technique is currently touring in support of his new album, The Martyr.


CITIZEN RADIO – Citizen Radio is a user-supported podcast by writer Allison Kilkenny and comedian Jamie Kilstein.


ANYA SKIDAN – Psychedelic folk rock and blues musician Anya Skidan has released her first album, Shine the Brightest, featuring Skidan on ukulele, guitar, and piano.