Free Listings of Events


WHISTLEBLOWING – June 1-7 is International Week to Support Whistleblowing. Events and actions are planned all over the world.

Contact: Stand Up For Truth, c/o Institute for Public Accuracy, 980 National Press Building, Washington, DC 20045; 202-347-0020’;

RURAL ARTS/CULTURE – The 2015 Rural Arts and Culture Summit will be June 2-4, in Morris, MN. This year’s theme, “From the Ground Up: Cultivating Creative People and Places” will highlight the important role of art and culture in shaping the rural narrative.

Contact: Springboard for the Arts, 218-770-3485; michele@spring; http://www.

JUSTICE The Justice Conference 2015 will be held in Chicago, June 5-6. The Justice Conference is an annual national primary conference that seeks to educate, inspire and connect a generation of men and women around a shared concern for biblical and social justice, the vulnerable and oppressed.


BIKES – Bikes Not Bombs is holding its 28th annual Bike-A-Thon in Boston, MA on June 7.

Contact: Bikes Not Bombs, 284 Amory St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130; 617-522-0222;; www.bikesnot

MEDIA – The 17th annual Allied Media Conference will be held June 18-21, in Detroit.

Contact: Allied Media Projects, 4126 Third St., Detroit, MI 48201; 313-718-2267;

FILM/LGBTQX / PALESTINE – The Outside the Frame: Queers for Palestine Film Festival will be held June 19-21, in San Francisco.


U.S. SOCIAL FORUM – The United States Social Forum will meet June 24-28 in Jackson, MI; June 24-27 in San Jose, CA; and June 25-28 in Philadelphia, PA.

Contact: USSF 2010, Detroit, MI 48226;; http://www

YOUTH/INCARCERATION – The Second Chance Conference: A Time To Act, will be held June 26, in Toronto.

Contact: lreece@secondchance;

VEGAN FEST – The 5th annual Mad City Vegan Fest will be held in Madison, WI, June 27. The annual event features food, speakers, and exhibitors.

Contact: 122 State Street, Suite 405 B, Madison, WI 53701; madcityveganfest@;

SOCIALISM – The Socialism 2015 Conference is scheduled for July 2-5 in Chicago, featuring talks and panel discussions.


NATIVE MEDIA – The Native American Journalists Association will co-host the National Native Media Conference is July 9-12, in Washington, DC. Other co-hosts include Native Public Media and Vision Maker Media.

Contact: NAJA, OU-Gaylord College, 395 W. Lindsey St., Norman, OK 73019-4201; 405-325-1649;

LABOR – The Eastern Conference For Workplace Democracy will be held at Clark University in Worcester, MA, July 10-12.


PEACESTOCK – On July 11, the 13th Annual Peacestock: A Gathering for Peace, will take place near Cannon Falls, MN. The event is a mixture of music, speakers and community for peace. Sponsored by Veterans for Peace and others.

Contact: Bill Habedank, 1913 Grandview Ave., Red Wing, MN 55066; 651-388-7733;;

LA RAZA – The annual National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Conference is scheduled for July 11-14 in Kansas City, with workshops, presentations and panel discussions.

Contact: NCLR Headquarters Office, Raul Yzaguirre Building, 1126 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036; 202-785-1670;

POLICE BRUTALITY – The Million People’s March Against Police Brutality will be July 12 in Newark, NJ.

Contact: People’s Organization For Progress, PO Box 22505, Newark, NJ 07101- 2505; 973-801-0001;;

NETROOTS – The 10th annual Netroots Nation conference will take place July 16-19, in Phoenix, AZ, with writers, social justice advocates, labor and organizational leaders, grassroots organizers and online activists.

Contact: Netroots Nation, 1559B Sloat Blvd #316, San Francisco,CA 94132;

TEACHERS – The Badass Teachers Association (BAT) will meet in Washington, DC for BAT’s Teacher Congress, July 23-26.


WOMEN – The 2015 Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute will be held July 24-August 2, in New Orleans, under the theme: We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest: Organizing for Racial Equity.

Contact: 718-398-4783; sli@urbanbush; https://www.urbanbush

WEAPONS/SPACE – The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space will hold its annual conference July 29-August 2, in Kyoto, Japan. The conference is currently accepting submissions for its video contest.

Contact: PO Box 652, Brunswick, ME 04011; 207-443-9502; globalnet; http://www.space4

ACTIVIST CAMP – Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp will have sessions in July and August in CA, OR, and NY. YEA Camp is designed for activists 12-17 years old who want to make a difference in the world.


FOLK FESTIVAL – The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival will be held July 31-August 2, in the Berkshires, NY.


SCHOOLS – The Satyagraha Institute 2015: Training Leaders in the Traditions of Nonviolence, will be August 4-22, in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Contact: Satyagraha Institute, c/o Carl Kline, 825 Fourth Street, Brookings, SD 57006; 605-692-8465; info@;

VETERANS/PEACE – Veterans for Peace is holding their 30th annual convention August 5-9 in San Diego, CA. This year’s theme is, Peace & Reconciliation in the Pacific.

Contact: http://www.vfpnation

MEDIA – Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and the National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture (NAMAC) will host a joint conference in Pasadena, CA, August 12-14.


NONVIOLENCE – The first national gathering of Campaign Nonviolence will be August 6-9, in Sante Fe, NM, featuring presentations, workshops, and vigils at Los Alamos.


DISSIDENT  ARTS – The Dissident Arts Festival will take place August 15-16, in New York City. The Dissident Arts Festival is the annual showcase of radical arts and activism, where revolutionary New Music meets Topical Song and Free Jazz cavorts with Dissident Poetry, Theatre and Film.

Contact: John Pietaro, 646-599-0060;; http://

COMMUNITY CONFERENCE – The 31st annual Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering will be held August 21-23.

Contact: 138 Twin Oaks Road # W, Louisa, VA 23093; 540-894-5126;;

POLICE – “This Stops Today” is a march against police crimes, planned for August 29th, in Chicago.

Contact: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, 1325 S. Wabash Ave., Suite 105, Chicago, IL 60605; 312-939-2750; http://stoppolice

LABOR DAY – The 31st annual Bread and Roses Heritage Festival, a celebration of the ethnic diversity and labor history of Lawrence, MA, will be held September 7, in honor of the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike. There will be music, dance, poetry, drama, ethnic food, historical demonstrations, walking & trolley tours.

Contact: Bread & Roses Heritage, PO Box 1137, Lawrence, MA 01842; 978-794- 1655;; http://www.breadand

LGBT – The National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) will have its convention September 3-6, in San Francisco.


COMMUNITY CONFERENCE – The annual Twin Oaks Community Conference will be held September 4-7. The conference is committed to equality, participatory government, ecology, and non-violence.

Contact: 138 Twin Oaks Road # W, Louisa, VA 23093; 540-894-5126;; http://communitie

VEGETARIAN – The 31st Annual Vegetarian Food Festival will take place September 11-13, in Toronto.

Contact: 17 Baldwin Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1L1;

OCCUPY WALL STREET – September 17 is the three-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Events are planned in New York City and worldwide.


NONVIOLENCE – The Campaign Nonviolence Week will be September 20-27, with actions across the nation to mainstream nonviolence and build a culture of peace.


FEMINIST ART – The third annual Feminist Art Conference will be held September 24-27, in Toronto.




ESSAY CONTEST – The Daniel Singer Foundation is seeking an original essay of no more than 5,000 words to address Singer’s goal of a dynamic, democratic socialism that will place human needs before corporate profits, in the spirit that Singer exemplified. Submissions must be received no later than Saturday, August 30.

Contact: The Daniel Singer Millennium Prize Foundation, PO Box 2371, El Cerrito, CA 94530; DanielSingerFdn@;

FEMINIST ART – The third annual Feminist Art Conference will be held in Toronto, September 24-27. Submissions of visual art, film, theater art, music, dance, design, spoken word and literature are currently being accepted.




WORKER HEALTH/SAFETYWorkers Guide to Health and Safety by Todd Jailer, Miriam Lara-Meloy, and Maggie Robbins covers chemical, machine, fire, and other physical hazards as well as social hazards like sexism, low pay, violence, etc., and how to organize for change.

Contact: Hesperian, 1919 Addison St. #304, Berkeley CA 94704; 510-845-4507;;

PEACE Voices for Peace is an edited collection of peace and activism essays, articles, and interviews by and with Noam Chomsky, Cynthia McKinney, John Pilger, Kathy Kelly, Ilan Pappe, and others.


ECONOMICS – Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy by Dr. Jack Rasmus offers a new approach to explaining why mainstream economic analyses have repeatedly failed and why fiscal and monetary policies have been incapable of producing a sustained recovery.

Contact: Clarity Press, Inc., Ste. 469, 3277 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta, GE 30305; 404-647-6501;;

GREAT RECESSION – The articles and essays by Dr. Richard Wolff gathered in, Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens: Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown 2010-2014, explore current aspects of the deepening crisis as they became clear, caught the public’s attention, or defined a particular historic moment.

Contact: Democracy At Work;

SYRIA Syrian Notebooks: Inside the Homs Uprising by Jonathan Littell is a close-up report from a key moment in a war that still grips the Middle East.

Contact: Verso Books, 20 Jay Street, Suite 1010, Brooklyn, NY 11201; 718-246-8160;;

ETHNIC STUDIES – The essays in Strange Affinities examine the production of racialized, gendered, and sexualized difference, and the possibilities for progressive coalitions, or the “strange affinities,” afforded by nuanced comparative analyses of racial formations.

Contact: Duke University Press, 905 W. Main St. Ste 18-B, Durham, NC 27701; 888-651-0122;;

ROMA – Jud Nirenberg’s Gypsy Movements is an account of Roma across Europe who continue to face violence and oppression.

Contact: https://judnirenberg.;

IRAQ Genocide In Iraq, Volume 2: The Obliteration of a Modern State by Abdul Haq al-Ani and Tarik al-Ani details the scale of post-2003 destruction and redesign, showing how every step was intended to change Iraq irreversibly to a slave state of extreme neoliberal capitalism.

Contact: Clarity Press, Inc., Ste. 469, 3277 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta, GE 30305; 404-647-6501;;

PUNISHMENT Punishment and Inclusion: Race, Membership, and the Limits of American Liberalism, by Andrew Ditts, gives a theoretical and historical account of the practice of felon disenfranchisement, drawing widely on early modern political philosophy, continental and postcolonial political thought, critical race theory, feminist philosophy, disability theory, critical legal studies, and archival research into state constitutional conventions.

Contact: Fordham University Press, 2546 Belmont Avenue, University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458; 718-817-4795; http://ford

HOUSING/HOUSELESS House Keys Not Handcuffs is a reflection on over 30 years of homeless organizing in San Francisco. It is an attempt to sort out what went well and what did not as a community begins to organize in order to hold public and private institutions accountable.

Contact: AK Press, 3500 Parkdale Avenue, Building 1, Suite 3, Baltimore, MD 21211; 510-208-1700;



PALESTINE Roshima is a new documentary by Salim Abu Jabal, based on an old refugee couple’s story in the last natural valley in Haifa, defending their home from demolition.


AFGHANISTAN Playing With Fire introduces six courageous Afghan women who share their passions for acting, dreams, and difficult realities. Filmmaker Anneta Papathanssiou exposes pervasive erosions of Afghan women’s rights and captures art’s transformative power and the dangers these courageous women face to do the work they love.

Contact: Women Make Movies, 115 W 29th St, Suite 1200; New York, NY 10001; 212-925-0606;;

LAND DEVELOPERS A Dangerous Game is Anthony Baxter’s sequel to You’ve Been Trumped about how big land developers use gold as an excuse to build massive luxurious resorts on the expense of the locals and their ecosystem, and abuse natural resources.