It’s A Man’s World, Sweetie


elcome to Hotel Satire where
gals come to learn “How to be a Decorative Appendage.”
Never has it been more necessary to teach gals their place, as assigned
by God (in the Bible somewhere). Yes, too many gals are out there
in the world, expressing themselves, running things, making decisions.

Take, for instance, the recent appointment of the first gal ever
to head Harvard University—Drew Gilpin Faust. What were they
thinking? Don’t they realize that a gal as head of a university
is evil incarnate? Her name is Faust, for chrissakes. Plus there’s
a reason men have been in charge of Harvard since its founding in
1636—because God said they should. Doesn’t that gal realize
her place is to take care of her man and his offspring? That gal
should have listened to her mom who told her (as reported in the

New York Times

, February 12), “It’s a man’s
world, sweetie, and the sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll

Isn’t that gal astronaut lesson enough about what gals get
up to if let out of the house? The feminist media was busy touting
Sunita Williams—the gal astronaut who spent more time in space
than any other gal—with articles like, “One Small Step
for Man, One Giant Leap for Womankind.” Then the news hit of
another gal astronaut, Lisa Marie Nowak, who “allegedly”
attacked another gal astronaut over a male astronaut. Lisa has since
been charged with attempted murder, in addition to attempted kidnapping,
battery, vehicle burglary, and destruction of evidence. Apparently,
Lisa drove from Texas at 1:00 AM to meet this gal astronaut she
had a thing for. In the car, she had a knife, a steel mallet, a
BB pistol, rubber tubing, plastic bags, and black gloves. Hmm. We
bet NASA rues the day they were forced by commie feminists to accept
gals into the space program. We were all warned about this back
in the 1980s in that movie…

Fatal Affliction


Fatal Ablution

The message then and now was and is: gals who seek fulfillment through
a career become psychotic lesbians and/or psychotic murderers. 

Another affront to essential galness is the recently-released
statistic that “51% of Women Now Live Without A Spouse at Home”
as compared with “35% in 1950 and 49% in 2000.” Says one
of these women, who divorced after being married for 35 years: “A
gentleman asked me to marry him and I said no. I told him, ‘I’m
just beginning to fly again; I’m just beginning to be me. Don’t
take that away’.” What the heck does that mean: beginning
to fly and also to be me? There is no me where gals are concerned;
there is no flying. Flitting maybe. And gals can be somewhat “me”
until puberty, then they assume true galness, which is to serve
some man or other and “be” whatever he wants them to be.
GET it? 

Another trend that’s causing agony at Hotel Satire is that
radical Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Associated Press writer
Matt Reed reported on February 7 that Alito told a university class
that the U.S. Supreme Court will eventually have as many female
justices as it does male. Not only that, but law schools now have
enrollments of at least 50 percent gals and that a greater number
of women lawyers and judges will advance to higher courts within
a generation. 

Wha? Gals making legal decisions? No, true galness means deciding
between beef or chicken for dinner, after consulting a man for his
preferences. By the way, there’s a reason the statue that represents
justice, which appears in front of many court buildings, is a gal.
It’s because gals who appear in public should be like statues—silent
and draped. 

Speaking of draping, another example of scandalous anti-galness
comes from the fashion world, which can be counted on to treat gals
properly—i.e., posed half-naked and draped, usually in clothes
that hinder their ability to move, speak, or see. But not this year.
It seems that the top Spanish fashion show in Madrid (on February
11) rejected five gal models for being TOO THIN!?! It seems the
show decided in September 2006 that gals below a body mass to height
ratio of 18 can’t take part. That means they excluded a model
gal who was 5’10” and weighed 110 pounds. Are they kidding?
That gal is clearly overweight and needs to DIET. 

Excuse us, but how can any gal be too thin? Besides thin is not
only about weight, it’s also about whether a gal can stand
up and move about in the world. The more prone to catching a chill
and tripping and fainting a gal is the better. 


hen we get agitated about the state of galness
in the world, we head to the Hotel Satire Internet Café and
immerse ourselves in the thousands of websites and email messages
that demean gals or treat them like food products to be savored
or that point out gals’ many imperfections requiring surgical
makeovers. We revel in emails and websites that enable men to “locate
submiiiiiiissssive women online. We have the nation’s largest

We are thrilled that so much attention has been paid to Anna Nicole
Smith who died (mysteriously?) at 39. She made a name for herself
by posing and looking good enough to snack on. She was Playmate
of the Year, married an 89-year-old billionaire and fought for his
money all the way to the Supreme Court. She made photos of her son
(in the hospital room where he died) available to

In Touch

And videos of her Ceasarian section are available on YouTube. While
we don’t favor all of this kind of behavior, Anna’s true
galness got way more attention than the Faustian head of Harvard,
as it should. 

We also daily immerse ourselves in the many Christian and/or rightwing websites. They have a lot to teach about true galness. A particular
favorite is the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute website, with
its mission of “Inspiring women, discovering leaders, changing
lives.” There’s all kinds of stuff about how terrible
feminism is because, uh, it is about inspiring women and changing
lives. Wait. That can’t be right. Anyway, they list lots of
interesting books and also talk about their campaign to expose feminism
as harmful. 

Interesting reads are

What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us

Daniel Crittenden, about how young women’s mothers’
feminism “seeped into their minds like intravenous saline into
the arm of an unconscious patient”; or

Women Who Make the
World Worse

by Kate O’Beirne who charges the feminist movement
with responsibility for assorted social ills, from broken families
to increased risk to the military with female recruits. Women who’ve
made the world worse include Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Maureen
Dowd, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 

We also enjoyed “Media Aids Liberals’ Fight to Demean
Marriage” by Thomas Sowell who tells us on

that liberal papers report “marriage is like a prison sentence,
complete with the old-fashioned leg irons with a chain connected
to a heavy metal ball, so that the prisoner cannot escape. This
picture of marriage and a family as a burden is not peculiar to

New York Times

or the

San Francisco Chronicle

It is common among the intelligentsia of the left.” 

A must read is “Feminism Killed Chivalry” where Dr. Laura,
in an interview with Joan Swirsky, reminds us that “the feminist
movement did not originally focus on equal pay for equal work, but
rather on ‘how marriage, husbands, men in general, and children
in specific were the enemies and oppressors of true womanhood.’
 The movement not only promoted man hatred, but self-loathing
in women ‘of nurturing breast, life-producing wombs, and an
emotionally sensitive, nurturing spirit’.” It’s wonderful
that gals like Dr. Laura have the time and the gumption to write
and lecture and so forth. Although, we hope they aren’t neglecting
their families and their sensitive, nurturing spirits. Perhaps they
need to visit Hotel Satire where we offer a class for “Gals
who have opinions and write about them may be killing their life-producing

By the way, we loved their idea of raising funds by offering The
Great American Conservative Women pinup calendar. Nothing says
leadership and inspiration like posing draped or, in the case of
the NRA gal pictured here, sexily toting what the text refers to
as a “peacemaking” pistol. Although isn’t that going
to hurt her nurturing breast?  No matter. 

We ended our web session by ordering some of the conservative T-shirts
at There’s the shirt with that sexy Ann Coulter
quote, “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders,
and covert them to Christianity.” There’s the one with
a line through Hillary Clinton that says “Re-Defeat Communism.”
And one for babies that says “I survived Roe v. Wade.” 

It is so soothing to spend an hour or two a day exploring the Internet
for all the ways gals are treated as inventory or featured semi-naked
and available, or posed as if in the middle of coitus, or sold to
or for sale themselves. As Faust’s mom said years ago, “It’s
a man’s world, sweetie, and the sooner you learn that, the better
off you’ll be.” 

Sargent is co-founder and staff member of


She is also a
playwright, actor, and director.