Just Say No

MONT-7While lies were a continual drumbeat of the GOP before the election, the party has now forgotten about the 430 promises uttered by Trump to get elected. And, after 8 years of obstruction from the GOP—any and everything Obama did had to be stopped—has conveniently forgotten about their scorched-earth policy to ruin Obama, just as GOP voters forgot that President Bush invaded a country unnecessarily, cost us $6 trillion, and bankrupted the economy. But no matter. Trump admirers continue to claim, “Clinton lied,” but where are the investigations of their boy? There were seven investigations of Clinton’s role in Benghazi and innumerable attacks and accusations about her email server. Again, the GOP had a memory loss when it came to the millions of emails erased by Dick Cheney, who claimed to hide rogue operations in the vice-president’s office, and to hide what may have been his illegal activities from the public.

The GOP is determined to hide illegal activities of Stalin-quoting Trump and his cohorts. No investigation of illegal favors for the businesses Trump’s family continues to run in his name (and with daily contact between his family-related business “advisors” and the president). No mention of tax avoidance that tax returns could elucidate. No mention of continual consultation between Trump and his minions who may have made deals with Russia before the election.

No mention of selling access through Trump golf courses or the new Washington hotel. No investigations, period, as the GOP enables an emerging autocracy, helps Trump intimidate his enemies in the hopes of cutting taxes for the rich, destroys business regulations, and the environment, and creates a new elite. Civil society is under assault by reactionary political forces and they must be turned back. Just say no.


Don Monkerud is a California-based writer focusing on culture and politics.