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Occupation Sale of Z Videos on the

Economy & Social Change for $7 each!


ALL WHO MATTER, a talk by Noam Chomsky _____

A lively lecture about economic globalization and its impact on people in the U.S. and around the world. Chomsky ranges far and wide in this cogent and cutting edge talk. 2000/60 mins.


CAPITALISM AND RADICAL CHANGE, a talk by Michael Albert _____

A series of talks in Athens to anti-authoritarian activists connected with the newspaper Babylonia, as well as many participants in the December/January 2008/2009 Greek uprising. Albert covers a critique of capitalism and central planning, and presents the basic values and institutions that underpin Participatory Economics. 2009/90 mins.


GLOBAL JUSTICE & ECONOMIC VISION, talks by Michael Albert _____

Albert first discusses the issues associated with building an effective antiwar movement: matters of strategy, organization, and focus. Then he elaborates on the issue of economic vision and move-ment building. Socialist Scholars Conference, 2003. Part 1: 25 mins; Part 2: 55 mins.


an interview with Jack Rasmus ____

Rasmus draws on the history of the 1930s to explains how the wealth that funnels upwards (instead of trickling down) creates unstable markets that lead to economic crises. He describes the repeated down-up-down crises of the 1930s, drawing parallels to today. 2009. 53 mins. ___



a talk by Noam Chomsky

Chomsky focuses on the problems of democracy development in the U.S. He discusses the so-called grand economy, which he describes as a failure for the majority of the population. Chomsky also details the history of the U.S. trajectory, after WWII, towards becoming the most powerful state in history using what he describes as a policy of “kicking away the ladder.” 2006/85 mins.


WE OWN THE WORLD, a talk by Noam Chomsky _____

Chomsky looks at government and corporate policies over the years. These policies, Chomsky argues, involve imperialist designs, including political assassinations and the killing of innocent civilians on a mass scale. As Chomsky explains over and over, elites can get away with this only if they (and we) accept the basic assumption that “we own the world”and have the right to do whatever we want. 2007/90 mins.


WHAT WENT WRONG? A Q &A with Noam Chomsky _____

In this fascinating, informal Q&A, Chomsky answers students’ questions about what went wrong after Obama’s 2008 election message of hope and change. Chomsky maintains that what went wrong was the hope; that there was never any reason for it if you looked at Obama's positions and who was backing him. Chomsky goes on to talk about the economy, the military budget, the Iraq War, and he compares anti-war organizing during the Vietnam War era with the current
anti-war and Occupy Wall Street movements. 2010/65 mins.

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