The July/August Issue Nightmare


printer of over 16 years doesn’t make many mistakes. So imagine
our surprise to discover, while on vacation (exhausted from nine
days of Z Media Institute), that they left two pages out of the
July/August issue and had duplicated two other pages to compensate.
Sadly, this mistake was compounded when the printer sent out a corrected
July/August magazine to Z subscribers, but without explaining why
a second issue was sent (as we had requested). Thus, many subscribers
were confused and thought they were mistakenly on our subscription
list twice. We discovered this through a small flurry of correspondence.
For the record,


subscribers are advised to toss the uncorrected copy of the magazine
and keep the corrected version. 

have a limited number of remaining corrected copies of July/ August,
which we can send out on request. But it would help us if those
who wish to finish reading the two shortened articles, “Blogging
The War Away” and “The USA PATRIOT Act”) access those
articles online ( where we have made them available
for free. Those without Internet access can write  for copies.
We hope that clears up any confusion . 

other news, Z Media Institute 2003, with 68 students attending,
was a huge success and brought fresh ideas to inform Z’s upcoming
policy retreat. We will report on this and tell you more about ZMI
2003 in upcoming issues.