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Highlighted Content for Activists

Early: “Fearless Cities”
Keehn: Open prison
Monbiot: Toxic political system
Pilger: The Global War onDissent
Prashad: My friend in prison
Cohn: Supreme Court on Census
Fox: Brazilian General Strike
Roose: YouTube Radical
Brooks: Loss in Chattanooga
Sanders: 21st Century Bill of Rights
Roman: Immigrant Shelter
Falk: Race to the Bottom?
Greenwald: Former President Lula
Kelly: LGBTQ Union Activists 
Featherstone: How We Won
Brooks: Rampant Workplace Injuries
Trebeck: Wellbeing economy
Hansen: “Batshit jobs”
Zeese: Protect Venezuela 
Solty: Socialism in the U.S.?
Cagan: June 30th
Weiss: Sanders and Palestine
Weisbrot: Tariffs 
Kurzweil: 2020
Olson: Cultural Capital
Feffer: ‘Tariff Man’
Nichols: Elections in Spain
Marlens: Farms of the Future
Baroud: Israel and ICC Jurisdiction
de Fato: Rallies defend education
Wolff: History and 2020 Election
Pollin: Win the Economic Debate
Mollmann: A culture of care
Cockburn: Why Assange
Klare: Navy’s War vs. Bolton’s War
Hall- Strike by Drivers Disrupts Uber
Matthews: Sanders’ Socialist Idea
Prashad: Iran lifeline from China?
Grajales: Socialism from Below
Maniscalco: Calls For General Strike
Chomsky: Trump’s “Economic Boom”
Mason: Failures in the UK
Rasmus: Mueller Talks…Tyrant Walks
Neubauer: Climate Strikes Grow
Ali: Notes on the Indian Election
Pastreich: Clash of Civilizations
Pearson: Beer Transnationals 
Henley: Greens Across Europe
Grim: Groundbreaking Organizing
SharmaL Indian elections
Harris: Liberate Medicine
Chomsky: Stop War with Iran 
Swanson: Army: 0 — Internet: 1
Lakey: Vision on the rise
Varoufakis: Left & neofascism
Risen: Indictment of Julian Assange
Corbett: This Is Attacking Journalism
Parker: Shut Down Business School
Sonnenblume: Chelsea Manning
Feffer: Russia and Europe
Copeland: Indigenous Resistance 
Nairn: Deadly Protests in Indonesia
Cole: US-Iran Conflict  
Dika: Assault on Iran, Part II
Walker: US-Iran
Da silva:Neoliberalism, Bolsonaro...
Bennis: An Arm and a Leg 
Waldron: Coalition-Building 
Collins: Ending Student Debt
Nelson: “Ready to Fight”
Conley: Climate Strikes 110 Countries
350.org: Support climate strikes
Taylor: No Right to Their Wealth
Koerner: Venezuela’s Media
Baker: Trump’s Trade War
Chávez: Powered by the People
Boseley: Trump's war on abortion
Hawkins: Climate Movement?
Goldfield: It’s never about the bread
Shallice: Against the machine
Grossman: Populist alliances 
Fry: Venezuela Up Close
Rebellion: Eco-action 
Greeman: Yellow Vests 
Kliff: Medical Madness
Zunes: Threat of War with Iran
Benjamin: Build Antiwar Movement
Hughes: Organising ‘unorganisable’
Russo: Locking people up
Feffer: Bolton in Wonderland
Albert: Socialism: Ecology or Nothing
Prashad: The Plot to Kill Venezuela
Lakey: Connect the pipeline fights
Greenberg: Redacting Democracy
Roy: Form of Religion
Rasmus: China-US Trade War
Falk: Required Reading 
Owliaei: Uber Drivers Strike
Albert: "Socialism" or What
Ferner: Save Lake Erie
Porter: Spinning Israeli ‘Intelligence’
Swanson: Forbiggen Facts
Taibbi: Sanders 2.0
Fuentes: Venezuela’s crisis
Nichols: Spanish elections
Slaughter: Toledoans Rally 
Bennis: Escalating Tensions
Hallinan: Lessons from Spain 
Day: Fighting Loan Sharks
Albert: Socialism: Kinship
Giroux: Hope in Dark Times
Halimi: As bellicose as ever
Feffer: Global Game of Thrones
Ellsberg: Assange’s case

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