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Being Left

Vincent Emanuele interviews Michael Albert Activism and vision

Spanish activist David Marty interviews Albert on : Being Left

Belgian activist Paulo Rodriquez interviews Albert on: Thoughts and Deeds

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Highlighted Content for Activists

Klein: AOC's Message From the Future
International Rebellion: Update 3
Taylor: Extinction Rebellion protests
Feffer: The Dictator and the Nihilist
Albert: Socialism: Who Does What?
Bennis: Trump Embrace of Netanyahu
Ellner: Venezuela and setbacks
Arria: Stop & Shop Strike
Johnston: Strike Goes on
Pilger: Chelsea Manning 
Wetzel: Eco-syndicalist Alternative
Albert: Socialism: Who Decides What?
Falk: Assange: Criminal or Benefactor?
Glass: Assange in Prison
Ali: Outside the Gate of Hell
Jaunes: Assembly action
Bee: Youth Are Striking 
McAlevey: Why strikes 
Chomsky: “Ultranationalism"
Fuentes: Venezuela’s colectivos
Emersberger: Assange
Hallam: Why International Rebellion?
Clawson: Who Controls Our Time?
Pilger: The Assange arrest 
Cook: Media Rendition
Albert: Socialism: Property Problem
Mesec: Slovenian Left
Rachidi: Uprising in Algeria
Tchie: Sudan’s protesters 
Reichman: Academic Freedom
Greeman: Reinvent Democracy
Guimarães: Women driving resistance
Rosenberg: Consumer Drug Ads
Oberg: Addicted to Militarism
Rodriguez: Socialism Be Feminist
Albert: Socialism: Disputing Pie Slices
Contributors: It’s time to rebel
Owliaei: It’s Time for $15 and a Union
Glick: Green Party Electoral Failure
McCoy: Decriminalizing Drug War?
Hamouchene: Algeria in revolt
Street: Extinction Rebellion
Albert: Socialism: Society’s Pie
Anon: Lay-Offs at Legacy Hospitals
Sobel: West Papua 
Zulver: Women Weaving Life
Godfrey: Socialism, but in Iowa
Crunden: Modeling a Green New Deal
Collins: Curing Wealth Disorder
Street: Reddening Chicago
Wilpert: Origins of Venezuela’s Crisis
Albert: Socialism: Judging Societies
Pearson: Beauty
Prashad: Truth in Prison
Calliskan: Turkish Elections 
Maclean: Neoliberal Feminism
Steppling: Bomb the Population?
Uetricht: Socialist surge in Chicago
Rugh: Out of Patience
Albert: Socialism: Ethics of It
Giroux: Fascism in Post-Truth Era
Baroud: ‘Essence of Being Palestinian’
Dayen: Breaking Up Big Tech
Early: Can The Military Be Reformed?
Albert: Socialism: New Direction?
Sjursen: Goodbye To All That
Johnson: End of the ‘Rainbow’?
Monbiot: Ecocide
Collins: Eisenhower Socialism
Cordall: Algerian Protesters 
Levine: Democratic (Party) Socialism
Urie: The Green New Deal
Ocasio-Cortez: Tell That to Flint
Samuel: Murder rates plummeted
Prashad: Palestine on the March
Meier: Opioid Epidemic
Kelly: War Against Children
Bennis: Golan Heights and Israel
Jackson: Florida’s Poll Tax
Cook: Israel's impunity
Certo: Not the Real Scandal
Hallinan: EU Elections
Fernández Campbell: Uber Strike
Gordon: Rule of Law?
Solomon: The Primary Pathway
Fuentes: Venezuela
Steinkopf-Frank: College Strike
Demanuelle-Hall Amazon Strike
Sjursen: America Is Exceptional
Brooks: ‘Different Here’ No Excuse
Helm: One Million March
Rockhill:  Yellow Vests
Whitford: DSA’s Decision
Levine: Love-Me Liberals 
Romanow: Sunrise Movement
Prashad: Venezuela’s future 
Giroux: Ghost of Fascism
Lord: Tipping Point?
Ives: Haiti
Feffer: After Trump
Solnit: Climate action 
Fisk: Algeria as a necrocracy
Thew: Keep the momentum
Chen: Global Strike
Solomon: Taking Power
Early: NewsGuild?
Prashad: Solidarity is a Process
Rosen: "Deaths of Despair”
Berners-LeeL #ForTheWeb?
Falk: American Democracy
Iturriza: Venezuelan people
Lander: Preventing intervention
Galant: Unions Can Win
Sered: Until We Reckon
Weisbrot: Regime Change?
Pizzigati: Dorms Mimic Mansions
Will: Teacher Strikes 
Feffer: India/Pakistan
Berrigan: Climate-Change Generation
Rasmus: Deficit & Debt Bomb
Climate Striker: Take on capitalism
Aldrich: Teachers ‘ready to fight’
Stedile: Venezuela paramount
Samantha: Our Green New Deal
Fisk: Fear, pain, injustice 
Chomsky: Chomsky & Nader
Benjamin: Sanctions & Iran
Greenwald: Saving Press Freedom
Ellsberg: “No One More Patriotic”
Kelly: Judging U.S. War Crimes
Biddle: Big Tech Beatdown
Peralta: Ecuador’s Dilemma
Monbiot: Cars are killing us

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