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Highlighted Content for Activists

McChesney: Means Testing
Hunziker: XR Sweeps the World
Vilenica: Struggle for housing justice
Manasrah: Village Defence
Jarrin: Ecuador
AOC: Demand Green New Deal
Perez: Hospitals Vs. Medicare 
Miller: From Protest To Power
Benjamin: Militarized Neoliberalism
Rasmus: US-China Mini-Trade Deal
Early: The Irishman Cometh
Collective: Ecuador rebellion 
Albert: Debating Socialism
Rebellion: Hitting our stride
Monbiot: Oil Strike
Phillips: Challenging Complicity 
Prashad: Syria, Ecuador & India
Holmes: Climate action
Aarjan: XR’s demands
Heredia: Shut Down Quito
Dolan: AOC to Eradicate Poverty 
Thier: Differences Matter
Flanders: Corruption Rebellion
Sarican: Turkish Invasion 
Dangl: History at the Barricades
Cole: Not Just Ethnicity
Achcar: On Gutter Journalism 
Rebellion: Rebellion Takes Root
Feffer: State of Emergency
Frisque: “As Long as It Takes”
ROAR: Defend Rojavaa
Zeese: Rebellion Across The Planet
Prashad: Turkey’s invasion 
Rebellion: The Sun Rises
Falk: Iran’s Proposal: HOPE
Ryder: The game of musical chairs
Cockburn: Betrayal
Cole: Iraqi Gov’t Teeters 
Habib: Iraq’s Young Protestors
Bookbinder: Poultry Workers
Harney: Southern Worker Strikes
Solomon: Bernie’s Heart. And Ours
Franco: Jackson, Mississippi
Slaughter: GM Strikers Hold Firm
Roy: The Silencing of Kashmir
Jones: California workers’ rights bill 
Shone: We Are Not Going Anywhere
Prashad: Iran’s capacity 
Blanc: Bernie’s Path to Victory
Greenwald: Lula’s Exoneration
Panah: Ban For-Profit Prisons
Rebellion: Change the World
Berrigan: Trumping the Future
Feffer: The New Age of Protest
Gordon: Health Care Strikes
Barber: Low-wage workers 
Davis: Movement Presidency?!
Fox Piven: Poverty to wealth
Hylton: Colombia Diary
Hennelly: EMS Unions 
Early: One Member/One Vote
Engelhardt: Mulch Trump
Baker: Debt and Deficit
Morales: Speech to U.N.
Ronzoni: Fight or Surrender?
Alsanah: Palestinian women march 
Goldfield: Can’t just #PlantATree
Owliaei: No Bargain for Health Care
Kampf: Sanders/Worker Militancy
Cohen: UAW Goal 
Kelly: The Wounds of War
Bacher: Extinction Rebellion 
Pizzigati: Limits on Wealth
Hussain: Kashmir
Corbett: ‘A Just Society’
Todhunter: Pesticides in the Dock
Bragg: Ruling Against Johnson 
Gowan: Free Us From the Market
StrikeDC: “We’re going in”
Featherstone: Why Greta is Good
Jackson: Whose side are you on?
Cole: Annals of Impeachment
Flanders: Climate Strike/Auto Strike
Podur: Defending yourself
Thunberg: Our House Is on Fire
Pizzigati: The GM Strike
Kaplan: Sanders Wealth Tax
Contributors: Thunberg’s J’accuse
Shiva: Solve the Climate Crisis
McKibben: Youth Climate Fight
Wittner: Two Internationalisms
Yates: Radical Education
Estes: Indigenous "Green Jobs”
Zografos: Degrowth forward
Engelfried: Youth-led movement
Sawant: Amazon vs. Socialists 
Crawford: Strike Against GM
Teirstein: Amazon Walk Out 
Schwartz: Whose Grid? Our Grid
Aronoff: VSCO Girls on Strike
Allyn: Free College Tuition
Emanuele: Small Town Values
Glick: Troublemaker
Swanson: Every Peace Group Strike
Tokar: Potential of local action
Urie: Strike!
Rehman: Climate strikes 
Naidoo: Death Penalty for Humanity
Rehman: Pakistanis climate change
Day: Alleviate Senior Loneliness
Surin: “Antisemitism Crisis”
Chomsky: Green New Deal Is Key
Weeks: Feminist Basic income
McKibben: Money & Global Warming
JohnsonL Labor Strike for Climate
Illeieff: Why You Should Care 
Greenhouse: 50,000 Stike GM
Klein: Moral crisis & ecological crisis
Monbiot: Our Brezhnev Moment
Keblowski: Free Public Transport 
Klein: Radical Change
Saltmarsh: Free public transport
Dikerdem: People’s manifesto
Albert: To Participate or Not 
Klein: Only a Green New Deal 
Albert: An Open Letter to DSA

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