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Selected for Activists

Bennis: Who Benefits
Wilkins: 100+ Condemn Violence
Abu Jamei: This Must End
UE: Condemns Attacks on Palestinians
Rothchild: The Nakba Continues
Ashrawi: License to Kill & Maim 
Sugarman: Vaccine Hoarding
Mazza: Not a climate doomist
De La Cour: Massachusetts Nurses 
Gordon: Nurses in the Real World 
Feffer: What’s Up with the Herd?
Lewis: Cancel Culture
Pollitt: Rushing to Judgment
Camp: American Prisons 
Swanson: Anti-Democratic Tradition
Grim: Opposition from Congress
Murphy: Israel won’t win in Gaza
Johnson: Takes Side of Occupation
Chomsky:Without US Aid
Nassar: “Gaza will burn”
Baskin:  Cycle of absurdity
Tlaib: Prayer mats as stretchers
Goldberg: Eviction crisis looms 
Passon: Criminal Justice System 
Kelly: Art Against Drones
Baroud: Sheikh Jarrah
Johnson: Kill Filibuster 
Stancil: Pay Living Wages
Chomsky: Big Pharma 
Baschet: “Zapatista invasion” 
Hanrahan: “Find a way to win”
C20: 15 Theses on Liberation
Nolan: Stop Begging
Featherstone: Deeply Radical Roots
Adler: System needs overhaul
Chomsky: Protests Unprecedented 
Klein: A Climate Dystopia 
Kolhatkar: PRO Act
Falk: On Being a Citizen Pilgrim
Kelly: Striking Alabama coal miners 
Kelly: Rural Housing Crisis
Chomsky: United States Withdraws? 
Rozental: “Nothing to Lose”
Buitrago: Colombia on the Brink
Sacks: Students take back union
Koltsova: Russian Feminism 
Raymond: Mutual Aid Efforts
Prashad: Kerala
Bello: Fascism’s Global Spread
Jedeed: Eviction
Bello: Global Vaccine Disparity
Rovics: Cancel Culture Conundrums
Polychroniou: Future Belongs to Left
D'León: Colombia Protests
Entralgo:  Labor Laws Need Teeth
Thompson: Why Reject Vaccines
Moore:  Climate-friendly farming
Benjamin: Downsize Biden’s Military
Bacon:  Taste of Things to Come?
Costa-Gavras: Return of Barbarians
Silva: Delivery Workers Rising
Zhang: Progressives Climate Bill 
Raymond: Intersectional Movement
Sarkar: Farmworker Rights
Roy: Crime against humanity
Fitz: Green New Deal Look?
Manski: A New America
Hoff: NYU Strike For Living Wage
Remer: Superiority Mirage
Gapasin: Communities of Solidarity
Jaffe: Work you love won’t love you
Dreier: Heroes But Not Saints
Grossman: Vaccines, Maneuvers
Sandronsky: COVID and U.S. Labor
Mumia: protest anti-Asian attacks
Chomsky: SOS Earth is a Mess
Hayes: Convictions Are Not the Goal
Chomsky: The institutions of society 
Rabb: Better for Whom? 
Hawkins: Too Late for Gradualism
Anderson: Transform the Economy
Kenway: The Care Manifesto
Queally: Big Pharma Blitz

Selected Collective 20
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