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Selected for Activists

Sperling: My Generation
Queally: ‘Keystone XL Is Dead!’
Pitt: Biden’s “Bipartisanship”
Landis: Bush echoes demands
baseMjondolo: Dignity of the poor
Moya: Peruvian Election
Benjamin: New Chapter in Peru
Caro: Chile: the End of Neoliberalism
Dennett: The Water Defenders
Klikauer: The Good-Doing Elite
La Duke: Mass Protest 
Fuentes: ‘Commune or nothing’
Jenkins: ‘Moral March on Manchin’
Davies: A People’s Vaccine 
Polychroniou: Proto-Fascism
Kaldveer: Protecting Pacifica
Johnson: Water Protectors 
Giovanopoulos: Resistance and aid
Mendanlioglu: Rojava’s democracy
V: “Disaster Patriarchy”
Baiocchi: Housing Is a Social Good
Freeman: Cancel rents
LATU: Toward 100 chapters 
Bennis: Israel’s New ‘Change Coalition’
Falk: ‘Rule-Based-International-Order’
McIntosh: ‘Summer of Chaos’
Benjamin: Schumer’s Anti-China Bill 
Klug: ‘We Know Occupation’
Klikauer: Pandemic and Wages
Lindorff: Donors and the Movement?
Bryant: Critical Race Theory?
Shea Baird: Municipalists in Spain?
King: Drivers beat ‘fire and rehire’
Brecher: Climate, Jobs, and Justice
Chesler: My Covid Teaching Year
Johnson: Sanders Says Pass Voting Bill
Utopia Team: Real Utopia
Nolan: AFL-CIO & Police 
Nolan: Unionized New Orleans
Abufom: Chilean Vote
Brazzell: Transformative justice 
Ludwig: Youth Climate Activists 
Giroux: Against Apartheid
Marantz: The Left Turn?
Kolhatkar:Another Oil Pipeline?
Ransby-Sporn: Major Wins
Press: Worked to Death by Capital
Sanders: future of our country
Holm: Society Without Landlords
Falk: Great Power Competition 
Thambirajah: Can’t pay, won’t pay
Patel: Farmers in India?
Jayaraman: Restaurant Workers 
Brown: Techno-Feudalism
Early: Dissenting POWs
Younis: communal cooking pot
Benjamin: Emperor’s New Rules
Raymond:Tenant Organizing
Boissière: strike won’t stop
Anderson: Third Reconstruction
Driver: Debt as a Weapon
Hastings: Social Unrest
Chudy: NLM Support, Did It Last?
Bennis: Who Benefits
Wilkins: 100+ Condemn Violence
Abu Jamei: This Must End
UE: Condemns Attacks 
Rothchild: The Nakba Continues
Ashrawi: License to Kill & Maim 
Sugarman: Vaccine Hoarding
Mazza: Not a climate doomist
De La Cour: Massachusetts Nurses 
Gordon: Nurses in the Real World 
Feffer: What’s Up with the Herd?
Lewis: Cancel Culture
Pollitt: Rushing to Judgment
Camp: American Prisons 
Swanson: Anti-Democratic Tradition
Grim: Opposition from Congress
Murphy: Israel won’t win in Gaza
Johnson: Takes Side of Occupation
Chomsky:Without US Aid
Nassar: “Gaza will burn”
Baskin:  Cycle of absurdity
Tlaib: Prayer mats as stretchers
Goldberg: Eviction crisis looms 
Passon: Criminal Justice System 
Kelly: Art Against Drones
Baroud: Sheikh Jarrah
Johnson: Kill Filibuster 
Stancil: Pay Living Wages
Chomsky: Big Pharma 

Selected Collective 20
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