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Debate: A postcapitalism worth striving for

Intermittent 500 word contributions by Michael Albert and Yanis Varoufakis. A ZNet document includes all entries to date, as does a Meta document.

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7. Albert: Post Capitalism’s Components

6. Varoufakis: Five Conditions for a Democratic Workplace

5. Albert: Your Freedom Is a Condition for My Freedom and Vice Versa

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Recent Selected For Activists

A Selection of articles culled for activist purposes.

Cohn: SCOTUS EPA Ruling 
Johnson: Court Carbon Bomb 
Wolfe: Gustavo Petro’s Historic Victory
Huff: Faculty win 
Chomsky: We are an Extreme Outlier 
Klein: Judicial Coup
Herschander: Creative protests
Meyer: New York DSA 
Mayall: Non-Police Alternatives
Corn: Lessons From Right’s Crusade 
Swanson: NATO & Russia Aim to Fail
Rubia: Growing hope for humanity
Ahn: Feminist Response to RIMPAC
Brooks: Rethinking Organizing Rules
Ellner: Jailed for  Criminal Behavior?
Benjamin: NATO and a War Foretold
Santos: Contraction of the West
Press: Kentucky Amazon Workers 
Bolling: Appalachian Women
Liasheva: Ukrainian Resistance
Smith: Russian Resistance 
Kolhatkar: Colombia Turns Left
Freeman: 20,000 for Abortion Rights
Sirota: Democratic Leaders 
Bello: Dem Socialism in Philippines
Mazumdaru: Existential Moment
Scott: Creative Methods Stop Bosses
Cicerchia: Bring Back Roe
Jain: Divided over abortion
Levy: War on Modern Life
Baroud: Russia-Ukraine War
Batrawy: Global Protests 
Samtani:  Electoral Electricity
Cromwell: Don’t Extradite Assange
Street: Still the Trump Era
Scott: Stop Bosses’ Abuse
Bajec: Tunisia nationwide strike 
Hennely: Moral Fusion of Everybody
Corbyn: The campaign to stop me
Janakiram: “Aid and Abet” Abortion
Press: Beating Heart 
Varoufakis: Power Gone Wrong
Bader: Peace, Justice, and Equality
Petro: “New Progressivism”
Feffer: New New Left
Wadhwa: Ecuadorians national strike 
Suzuki: 15-hour weeks?
Santos: Petro, Francia, Hope
Hartmann: Light our Planet on Fire
Bello:  Campaign for dem. socialism
Feffer: Universal Basic Income?
Marx: Privatized Internet 
Schwarz: Elections Tell Us Little
JSO: Just Stop Oil & rail workers
Stancil: Mélenchon-Led Surge
RSM: Reviving student action 
Corbett: First Apple Store Union
Scheiber:  Road to Starbucks
Daniels: Petro Wins Colombia
Grim: Staff Dissent
Guzman: Labor and Immigration
Corbyn: History is ours to make
Husseini: Stop Calling them Justices
Corbett: ‘Poverty Is Violence!’
Riddiouhgh: DSA Debates
Lieven: Russian Intellectuals 
Epstein: Before Wokeness
Levine: Beyond Jane’s Revenge 
Olla: Escalationin moments of crises
Barber: “Moral Reset”
Lopez: Mining Resistance 
Rovics: Gig Economy
Shaner: Activist’s Antidote
Cox: Learning from each other
Rice: Racism and teaching
Kagarlitsky: Victory and Defeat
Falk:Human Rights Geopolitically
Guevara: Peoples must have rights
Hudson: Peace and Disarmament 
Chomsky: Science-Fiction Planet
Bello: Global South Offensive
Nolan: AFL-CIO’s Continued Decline
Ruth: Resist Pandemic Opportunism
Noor: Bridging race and class divides
Cagan: Spirit of June 12, 1982
Grim: Progressive Meltdowns 
Gilbert: UW Unionization
Corbett: People Over Pentagon
Ruiz: Elections in Colombia
Hardin: World Beyond Capitalism
Greenhouse: John L. Lewis Moment
Pitt: Attempted Coup”
Marton: Justice Reform Movement
Johnson: ‘It’s War’ 
Marquina: Worker Control Indorca (II)
Engler: Six Political Parties?
Street: Outrageous Stupidity
Falk: Geopolitical Conflict
Back: citizens’ assemblies 
Rosenfeld: Conservative Open Minds
Brecher: Union Green Deal 2, 1
ER: Fossil Riot
Solomon: Nuclear War
Gordon: Fewer Men on Campus
Nichols: Red-Green Alliance
Sun: Culture of nonviolence
Glick: People’s Alliance
Anderson: Chile’s Young President
Feng: Pain Profiteers
Baroud: New Resistance Model
Press: Pathbreaking Contract
Wilkins: Voters Oppose Pentagon
Klikauer: Corporate Propaganda 
Feng: Evolution of Union-Busting
Crowley: Solidarity Vacuum
Gorwa: Socialize Big Tech
Shaner: ParEcon What, Why, How
Pizzuti: Wipe Out Debt
Ludwig: Gig Workers
George: Gulf South
Healey: DSA Political Education
Boudin: Can’t Jail Our Way Out 
Calfuquir:Mélenchon Coalition
Kolhatkar: Lives for Guns
Barber II: Poor Gonna Rise
Bowers: I Went on Strike
Marquina: No Bosses Indorca I
Chomsky: Unthinkable Policy
AOC: reject dystopia
Conley: Strike
Mazursky: Get more personal
Pitt: The AR-15 
Philpott: Global Hunger Disaster
Vanden Heuvel: Ukraine war
Logan: Starbucks Victories
Swanson: Poor People’s Campaign
Solnit: Mass Shootings 
Brooks: New Organizing Rules
Hansen: Britain’s Rail Workers 
Rozental: Colombia Election Runoff
Jordan: The Face of Uvalde
Solomon: “Gun control” 
Garces: Amazon Union Lessons
Hobson: Important Labor Victory
Germanos: Starbucks Unionization 
Parra: Colombian Left 
Cadhaia: Colombia Votes 
Bernard: Unions Emerge Effective
Girouz: To End Mass Shootings
Nessen: Report from the Donbas
Lydersen: Illinois Coal Jobs
Tsylor: Deep South Baristas 
Gologarsky: Need to Organize
Sawant: defeat the billionaire class
Smalls:We Won’t Back Down.

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