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Highlighted Content for Activists

Thunberg: Our House on Fire
Falk: Contesting Nuclearism
Manning: Extremist underground
Brown: Facebook Warrant
Solomon: The Energizer Bernie
Flanders: Not the Twitterverse
Garcia: Invest in Communities
MLK: His Own Words
Greenwald: Bolsonaro Under Fire
Greenberg: Guantánamo’s Legacy
Levin: Teamster Revolt 
Sanders: Change Minds
Cole: Wind Power Surging
Madeloni: Strikes Are Hard Work
Podur: Cracking Up the Walls 
Bennis: Support for Withdrawal 
Collins: People Want a Wealth Tax
Laven: Message to Trump supporters
Rockhill: France’s Strike
Rossi: Chicago’s  radical democracy
Barber: Can’t Be Silent Anymore
Winstanley: Fake anti-Semitism 
Easley: Unity pledge amid feud
Prashad: Students Against Far-Right
Solomon: Not Bernie, Not Warren, Us
Isser: Climate Activists and Labor
Hopkins: Sports Illustrated Staffers 
Greeman: France at the Crossroads
Bello: Democracy and charisma
XR: Hell and High Water
Fife: Moms 4 Housing
Narasimhaiah: India’s nightmare
Rockhill: France’s General Strike
Litvin:A Smear Foretold
Nichols: Storm clouds gather
Chomsky: American Global Dystopia
Prashad: What Passes for Reality
Cole: Occupying Iraq
Gregory: Sowing division
Gumbleton: A Call to Catholics
Neuhausen: “A Project for Life”
Chaz Garcia: How We Organized 
Mann: Australian Wildfires 
24: Crowdfunding and solidarity
Rosen: Despair in America
Petersen: Anti-War Movement
Risen: Donald Trump Murderer
Monbiot: Lab-grown food
Lesher: “No Hate, No Fear”?
Braun: New Deal for housing
Rasmus: Trump’s ‘Punching Bag’
Azeez: Soleimani is not your hero
Feffer: The Endless War with Iran
Solomon: War with Iran Is at Stake
Karyotis: New Democracy’s Greece
Silver: Europe Green New Deal
Varma: Largest Ever Strike
Chomsky: Suleimani’s Assassination
Prashad: U.S. in the Middle East?
Wainwright: Democracy in Focus
Perusek: Strategy or Tactic
Cole: War on Iran
Cockburn: Iraq Into Crisis Again
Grim: A New Electorate
Falk: Sustainable Future
Solomon: Biden and Buttigieg 
Fang: Ties to Arms Industry
Bennis: Soleimani’s Assassination
Cockburn: Iraq’s Worst Fears 
Grossman: Far, far worse
Rasmus: Deja Vu Playbook
Fletcher: Ethno-nationalist state
Zeese: Antiwar Movement
Hedges: War With Iran
Early: Radical Seattle
Turse: Afghan Armageddon
Albert: Dear Howie Hawkins
Rasmus: Trump vs. Iran
Erlich: What’s really going on?
Hussain: Trump Killed Commander
Cole: Trump Unites Iran and Iraq
Rosenberg: Pharmaceutical Industry
Zelaya: The Crisis in Honduras
Scahill: Most Vile Cabal
Abunimah: Trump is escalating
Hasan: Kick Off WWIII
Crowley: Chaos in Iraq
Bennis: I’m Jewish...
Kelly: ‘Forever wars’ 
Benjamin: A New Year 
Prashad: Pennies to the Coolies
Powers: Dreaming a Bernie Victory
Centeno: Immigration Justice
de Sousa Santos: Evo Morales
Ludwig: Global Resistance
Stewart: Kurt Vonnegut
Benjamin: 10 Good Things 
Espinosa: Rojava’s war of education
Prashad: India’s Democracy
Anderson: Education in Prison
Zeese: We Are The Majority
Huber: 4-Day-Week & 6-Hour-Day
Johnson: ‘Take Him Very Seriously’
Kak: Kashmir in Crisis
Tamborra: Young Iraqis revolt
Sawant: Tax Amazon
Bookchin: Commune of Communes
Baker: The Right to Dump Sewage
Sterea: Looming U.S. Water Crisis
Solomon: Stop-Bernie Onslaught 
Horvath: Social Ecology
Halpern: Right to Organize Act
Baroud: On the Road to Gaza
Lucien: Tenants’ Unions
Falk: What Drives Anti-Semitism?

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