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From the many emails calls, and kindnesses received, clearly many feel this loss...

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Lydia Sargent, Live Like Her
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Online School – SSCC

The second session of School for Social and Cultural Change (SSCC) starts April 1. Sign up is now open. Faculty includes: Michael Albert, Patrick Bond, Ben Burgis, Sandy Carter, Rod Driver, Andrej Grubacic, Kathy Kelly, Eugene Nulman, David Swanson, Jonathan Stribling-Uss, Sean Michael Wilson

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Selected PARC Videos

PARC and RevolutionZ together host a new online school, SSCC, and we are happy to present a selection of PARC's videocasts here on ZNet.

Albert: Participatory Econ 2 / 1
Oliver Stone: Family, Sex, Hollywood...
Robert Johnson: Organizing 101
Chomsky: Working-Class Culture 
Albert: MIT and Elite Institutions 
Kelly: Antiwar Activism

Selected Collective 20
Selected for Activists

Chomsky: Revitalize Labor 
Klare: Biden, Climate, and China
Prashad: Privileges Not Universal
Emanuele: COVID Hurricane 
Athanasiou: Paris Agreement
Aguilar: ‘We’re unstoppable’
Ebert: Chile 2021
Benjamin: What Planet NATO?
Konya: Turkey’s student protests
Wolff: A Fake Debate
Early: Rescue the IAFF?
Swanson: Universality
Arauz: Citizens’ Revolution
Gutiérrez: Mexican feminists 
Ordower: Movement Infrastructure 
Klein: Green New Deal
Spannos: Ken Weller Obituary
Kolhatkar: Brutal Policies 
Wolahan: working-class poetics
Soul: Coordinated Strike
D’Aprile: Mutual Aid
Alvarez: Mutual Aid 
Bates: Right to Unionize
Varoufakis: Defence of Ken Loach
Wakamo: Union Drives
Emanuele: Defeat White Power 
Zimet: Biko
Essential Strike Manifesto 
Sainato: US workers go on strike 
Emersberger: Ecuador’s Election
Collins: Exit This Road to Ruin?
Solomon: Corporate Democrats
Cassidy: Karen Lewis 
Muravchik: Trump’s Democrats
Lang: Indigenous, green movement
Freeman: Greedy grocery giants
Benjamin: Diplomatic Suicide?
Cohen: No Honeymoon for Biden
Meyerson: $15 Is Looking Good
Morocoima: Communal Society
Kuhn: Anarchist Century?
Grubacic: Response to Kuhn
Dolack: Class War Intensifies
Kolhatkar: Amazon Unionizing
Prashad: Myanmar coup
Cozzarelli: Teachers Fight Back
Alimahomed-Wilson: Amazon
Bond: Biden & Climate Catastrophe?
Klikauer: Digital Fascism 
Rosenblum: Against Democracy
Camp: Curing Disease Bad Business
Feste:Camp Rhonda
Tan: Resistance in Tech
Grossman: Mutual Aid 
Benjamin: Decline and Fall 
Chediac: Cancel rents & mortgages
Soren: Reimagining Housing
Bryant: Reimagining Schools
Tabrizi: Biden and Iran
Ocasio-Cortez:Not again
First-Arai: Push to Ban Fracking
Kay: Groups across the South 
Olivier: Columbia Students Strike 
Armstrong: Avert Genocide
King: Judas and the Black Messiah
Klikauer: The Risk of Capitalism
Pollin: A New New Deal?
Flanders: Latinx Farmworkers 
Fresia: Artists&Parecon
Lynd: Handed Workers to Trump
Dispatch: Protests across Poland 
Zuboff: Coup We Should Talk About
Solomon: Don’t Grade on a Curve
Pizzigati: GameStop
Raptis: Nazis, ‘Commies’, etc 
Henwood: GameStop 
DeManuelle-Hall: Ohio Auto Workers 
Stout: Alabama workers
Botts: Water Shutoffs
Rasmus: Gamestop

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