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Highlighted Content for Activists

Chomsky: Ventilator Shortage 
Cheung: Chicagoan Rent Strike
Faber: Spain Nationalized Clinics
Rasmus: On Market Solutions 
Peggs: Requisition empty homes
Taylor: Reality Endorsed Sanders
Lerner: Big Pharma
Gordon: Future May Be Female
Provost: Who’s happy?
Escudero: Housing Is Health
Early: Pandemic-Related Pause?
Marx: Nationalize Amazon
Feldman: Limits of the Market
Capaccio: Flattening the Curve
Gil: The illness of fire
Singh: G20 Commitments
Glick: Demonstrating
Ocampo: Zoom Public Utility?
Husseini: #GeneralStrike?
Podur: Economists Are Not Doctors
Davies: U.S. exceptionally vulnerable
Wallace: End of Parasite Paradigm
Higgins: ‘For Common Benefit of All’
Bennis: Take Over Military Resources
Marx: Nationalize the Airlines
Mayo: Higher Education
Elbaum: Fight now and Future
Bello: Death of ‘Connectivity’
Cook: Terrified of us
Varoufakis: Last night Assange
Hallinan: Corona & Immigration
Flores: Venezuela’s Response 
Kornbluh: “Humanitarian Solidarity”
Haiven: Post-pandemic liberation
Smith: Inside Amazon 
Ehrenreich: Hope for the Future
Rasmus: 1929, 2008 and 2020
Pollin: What We Do Now Matters
Hudson: Corona Debt Jubilee
Emersberger: Media Struggle
Rabb: Corona Green New Deal
Davis: Capitalist Monster 
Porta: another world needed
Albert: Music for You
Street:  Pathogenic Profits 
Nelson Airline Relief Bill 
Davis: Solidarity as Vaccine
Sanders: Emergency Response 
Feminista 8M: Emergency plan
Shah: Exotic Animals to Blame?
Shure: Sanders Response 
Turse: Italy’s Nightmare Here
Emanuele: Mutual Aid...
Singh: Economic Fallout 
Loki: Coronavirus and Climate
Kaba: Solidarity Not Charity
Gindin: Search for Alternatives
Sanders: Coronavirus Plan
Albert: Hard Rain, Falling
Klein: Coronavirus Capitalism
Rasmus: Coronavirus Plan
Prashad: Nurses and Doctors
Engler: Trigger event
Buell: Disaster Capitalism Italia
Falk: COVID-19
Klein: Coronavirus
Varoufakis: Syriza Bigger Blow
Wetzel: Building New Unions
Binctin: Healthy school meals?
Benjamin: Iraq Infamy
Turse: America’s Commandos 
AOC: Basic income & ‘Medicare for all’
Kelly: Thumb Screws
Carlsen: Cold War in Americas
Rasmus: Economic Recovery 
Carrión: Spain Nationalizes Health
Baker: Intellectual Property?
Elbaum: Let’s Be the Whirlwind
Queally: Grotesque Greed
Lerner: Big Pharma 
Benjamin: Saudi’s Brave Women
de Sousa Santos: ‘de-aging’ the world
Donahue: Navajo Clean energy for LA
Olivier: Feminism for Working Class
Ross: Nurses Demand ...
Anticapitalistas: Spain vs. COVID 19

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