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Our Lydia, Your Lydia

From the many emails calls, and kindnesses received, clearly many feel this loss...

Christmas Letter 
Lydia Sargent, Live Like Her
Selected Comments Sent to Z

Selected for Activists

Some recent key pieces, updated regularly but remaining online longer than solely in the recent articles list....

Fletcher: Party of the White Republic
Solomon: Abortion Bounty Hunters 
Pollin: Global Green New Deal
Fitz: Be Careful What You Wish For
Giroux: Fascist Politics In Education
Monbiot: We can’t build our way out 
Baldwin: The Rise of the UniverCity
Morgan: Reflections on Occupy
Rasmus: Creeping Austerity 
Correa: Tampa tenants 
Cook: On child vaccines
Walicek: Nabisco Strikes 
Raptis: Mikis
Mason: Anti-vaxxers and far right 
Madeson: Louisiana Activists 
Caro: Latin America Sovereignty
Collins: End the Housing Crisis
Сидоров: Russian parliament
Sanchez: window workers strike
Bacon: We Need Truth
Solomon: Biden’s Revenge
Kelly: What the U.S. Owes 
Staff: U-Cal new union 
Chomsky: Talking Radical Media
Hempel: From Israel to Europe
Podur: Reading Deschooling Society 
Fishman: Unprecedented Protest 
Cohen: Building Trades Vaccinating
Moses: Not Good Enough
Pearson: WalmartLand
Early: On Stanley Aronowitz
Jadoon: What is ISIS-K?
Falk: Afghan Debacle
Busk: Chile’s 2019 uprising
Benjamin:  “Cash Cow” 
Hart-Landsberg: The capitalist game
Renton: Deplatforming
Falk: Everything Went Wrong
Pilger: Smashing countries
Polychroniou: Tech “Solutions” 
Klikauer: Financial Capitalism
Chomsky: Cuba’s Protests 
Hollar: Afghan Women 
Loach: Trying to Act Like Stalin
Rebellion: Can We Count On COP?
Rosenberg: Animal Rights Movement
Benjamin: Americans Who Were Right
Rosas: The political battle for Peru
Alden: A Final Act for Humanity?
Feffer: Fight climate change
Baker: $26 Minimum Wage?
Tokar: IPCC’s latest climate report
Pollin: Just Transition
Grossman:U.S. Created Afghan Crisis
Klikauer: Wasted @ Work
Zagory: COVID. This Is Real.
Gott: The Blood Never Dries
Ali: Mirage of the Good War
Mazza: Everyday climate catastrophe 
Glick: Covid Denial on the Left
McCallum: Stanley Aronowitz 
Giroux: Stanley Aronowitz
Bennis: What Happens Now?
Ali: Debacle in Afghanistan
Gordon: College Debt 
Pagliccia: Death of “Lima Group”
Katch: NY Without Real Estate
Randall: Cuba’s Crisis, Our Response
Chomsky: Necessary Climate Action
Corbyn: Climate Crisis Is a Class Issue
Rasmus: Afghanistan Imperial Project
Street: Permissible Reflection
Rashid: Taliban’s Return to Power
Johnson: Blocks Entry to Raytheon
Swanson: Afghanistan?
Klein: Billionaires Blast Off
Hartmann: DeSantis & Abbott 
Ludwig: Evictions Loom
DeManuelle-Hall: Civilian Oversight 
Chomsky: Talking Radical Media 
Kolhatkar: BLM ‘Freedom School’ 
Rathke: Amazon? 
León: Striking Alabama Coal Miners 
Prashad: Sunshine into Their Minds
Johnson: Tax Pandemic Profits
Threet: Market Is Incapable 
Chomsky: Biden’s Minimum Measures
Burns: Greenwald?
Pilger: Death of British justice
Romero: A feminist foreign policy
Prashad: Lasting Peace
Press: Film Industry Workers 
Benjamin: Call Off B52 Bombing 
Orphan: The War on Wokeness
Engler: Lima Group loses Lima
Raghuveer: Band-AidBullet Wound
Chomsky: No Regrets
Pollitt: Roe v. Wade 
Hale: standards of justice
Theoharis: Generations of Struggle
Howard: Tenants
Wilkins: Progressives Demand 
Harriot: Anti-MAGA Movement
Gerson: Dangerous Time
Omar: Cancel the Rent

Selected Collective 20
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