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Highlighted Content for Activists

Weisbrot: This Is a Military Coup
Engler: Canada backs coup 
Vargas: Lula is Free
Barber: A Tale of Two Diplomas
Urie: Political Possibilities
Jorden: Evo Steps Down
Achcar: More than just a “Spring”
Albert: RevolutionZ/NAR Update
Weisbrot: Undercutting Democracy 
Karakatsanis: Criminal Justice
Klein: Forged in Fire
Fletcher: Social Justice Unionism
Holmes: Rojava
Madeloni: Little Rock Strike
Shenker: My Friend Was Murdered 
Paul: Worker-Owned Website?
Koslowski: campus sit-ins
Vergel: Democratize, Empower 
Brooks: Job Insecurity 
Bozuwa: Just Energy System
Barber: Fighting voter purges 
Benjamin: Neoliberalism’s children
Anderson: Class of/in Academia
Sjursen: Soldiers of Empire
Solomon: Warfare of Billionaires 
Early: “Other Than Honorable?”
Olson: Intra-Ruling Class Conflict
Pizzigati: Decaying Public Services
Goodman: Criminalized
Miller: Spain’s authoritarianism
Bookchin: Rojava revolution
Fitz: Green New Deal
Davis: Speaking up in Ann Arbor
Lacy: Two Surging Candidates 
Savard: Strike Climate Change
Titelman: Fire and Fury in Chile
Quigley: medicines movement
Emersberger: Blumenthal Arrest 
Fisk: One fatal flaw
Kafantaris: Lebanon uprising 
Norton: This charge is 100% false
Mitchell: Road to Structural Change
Chomsky: Foreign Policy of Con Man
Ayboga: Fear of democratic revolution
Escobar: South America, Again
Button: Labour can win 
Sanders: Executive Criminals
Moran: Publicly Owned Utilities
Speri: Spying on Black Americans
Abufom: Chile Crisis
Conca-Cheng: The Reality in Chile
Gómez-Barris: Streets of Chile
Jensen: Disagreeing Reasonably
Arria: 85,000 Workers Strike
Dolan: Teenage Vote
Nichols: Danish Red-Green Congress
Raskin: California Fires
Hales: Police Ban XRebellion Protests 
Vaz: Strike at the Helm 
Day: Long-Term Care Crisis
Nichols: tsunami of protest in Spain
Hassan: Lebanon’s Uprising
Corbett: Direct Action Gets Results
Brown: Ecuador: Blaze of Protests
Targ: Foreign Policy
Ehrenreich: Origins of the PMC
Huff: Rise up for Rojava
Smith: Strikes 
Madeloni: Massachusetts Strike
Street: Beyond Trumpeachment
Busk: Chileans stand fearless 
Giroux: Neoliberal Fascism
Burns: Chicago Teachers 
Roever: Workers’ rights 
Fisk: Lebanese rioters 
Grossman: On Impeachment
Glick: AOC on How We Win
Albert: Next American Revolution…
Shoemaker: Voting No 
el-Fetouh: Massive Lebanese Demos 
Grim: Grassroots Pressure 
Levin: ‘Work or go to jail’
Madeson: Movement in Haiti Swells
Hunziker: XR Co-Founder 
McAlevey: Chicago’s Teachers 
Snowden: Lose All Privacy
Grim: Ocasio-Cortez 
Kelly: Nuclear Abolition
Monbiot: Arresting Destruction
Hansen: Tsunami of dissent
Healy: Pride in an Irish border town
Rebellion: Rebellions regenerate
Party: PKK letter 
Kilian: Abandoned Voters
Dwamena: Closing Rikers
Falk: Turkey in Syria
Madeloni: Chicago Teachers
Santos: Ecuador
Balhorn: Transforming Britain 
Lane: Indonesian youth rebellion?
Prasahd: IMF Indifferent to Pain
McChesney: Means Testing
Hunziker: XR Sweeps the World
Vilenica: Struggle for housing justice
Manasrah: Village Defence
Jarrin: Ecuador
AOC: Demand Green New Deal
Perez: Hospitals Vs. Medicare 

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