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Being Left

Vincent Emanuele interviews Michael Albert Activism and vision

Spanish activist David Marty interviews Albert on : Being Left

Belgian activist Paulo Rodriquez interviews Albert on: Thoughts and Deeds

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Highlighted Content for Activists

Bond: Mixed messages
Sacks: LA Teachers Strike 
La Botz: DSA 2 Years Later
Natapoff: Misdemeanor Criminals
Prashad: Women's Wall
Rall: Progressive Agenda
Ogelsby: Coup in Guatemala
Monbiot: Don’t Breathe
Mimoun: Yellow vests 
Pearson: Poor Countries
Meyers: student workers
Stedile: fighting for justice
Olson: Infanitle Trump Bashing
Benjamin: green at peace
Stiglitz: Green New Deal
Solty: Talking About Power
Petersen: Burnout Generation
Kulkarni: Zimbabwe
Albert: Collaborate for Change
Voskoboynik: Extinction Rebellion
Cox: Revolutionary 1968
Turse: Bases, Bases, Everywhere…
Feffer: Rule by Decree?
Halimi: Forgotten France rises
Greenwald: Media Servants
Zeese: Yellow Vests In U.S.?
Sacks: LA Teachers’ Strike #1
Symbiosis: Symbiosis
Engelhardt: Donald an Asteroid?
Greenwald: NBC/MSNBC 
Allen: NAFTA 2.0
Rosenfeld: Fix election system
Ortiz: Christmas in Tornillo
Chuc: Strike
Zunes: Leave Syria
Becker: Four Roses Strikers
Roy: Rising Fascism
Solnit: Monuments
Greenwald: Assange-Manafort 
Dispatch: Mumia Appeal
Monbiot: Advertising & academia
Waldron: Brazil
Falk: Syria Withdrawal
Halimi: Prisoner for free speech
Greeman: “We are not tired”
Benjamin: U.S. Withdrawal 
Wasserman: Green New Deal
Swanson: Isolationism or Imperialism
Petchesky: 2019 Women’s March
Baptist: don’t miss this moment
Wolff: Economic System
Solomon: Corporate Democrats
Davis: Movements of the Future
Rapoport: Democracy Reform
Weisbrot: Fort Trump
Sjursen: A Year of Forever War
Zeese: End The War On Syria
Winslow: Marriott Hotel Strikers 
Daalder: Left Victories 2018
Hass: Manufacturing Consent 
Engler: Destroying Civilization
Johnson: Boycott Facebook
Brooks: Kaiser Clinicians 
Klein: Getting Emotional
Bennis: Bombings Will Continue
Moser: “Revolutionary Reform?”
Hallinan: Lesson for the Left
Ram: Yellow Vests Act V
Kelly: Repudiating Yemen
Granados: 50,000 LA teachers
Greenwald: Federal Crime?
Queally: Win for Students
Prashad: Yemen 
Brown: Fund Green New Deal
Klare: “Alexa, Launch Nukes!”
Vigo: Surveillance Capitalism
Rios: Border communities...
Greenwald: Pro-Israel Oath
Gindin: Making Hope Possible
Brecher: Green New Deal
Barson: Housing cooperatives
Hanna: Public Ownership Solution
Lerner: Extinction Rebellion in NY
Baulch: Extinction Rebellion
Abellan: “Yellow Vests” 
Barrows-friedman: NYU students
Falk: Public Intellectual
Betto: Why Poorest Support Lower
Roos: Gilets Jaunes 
Bricmont: ‘Yellow Vest’ 
Owliaei: Chicago School Strikes
Early: Housing Affordability Crisis 
Conley: Sanders Institute Call
Brewer: How we stopped flight
Nathanson: Sopping flight Penalty
Olson: Politics and Identity
Ellner: French Protests
Goodman: Protest Climate 
Louis: Can Yellow Vests Speak?
Stangler: Yellow Vest Protest?
Carlsen: AMLO’s Inauguration
Steering Committee: GM Shutdown
Pilger: New Cold War
Gonzalez: New Global Movement
Mercier: The Gilets Jaunes
Ram: Yellow fury
La Duke: “Green New Deal”
Pizzigati: New Labor Activism
Lakey: Vision, not reactivity
Madeloni: First Charter Strike 
Samaana: Ireland and West Bank
Aronoff: Green New Deal 
Feffer: G20 into the G19
Morris: Stop The Killing Train
Pope: “Yellow vest” & New Dealers
Daniels: New “Negro Removal”
Zeese: Climate Crisis Worse
Prashad: Oil industry squabbles
Solnit: Trump’s scams 
Sanders: Green New Deal ...
Davis: Demanding resignation
Kelly: Seeing Yemen from Jeju

Klein/Sanders: Climate Change
Pizzigati: Incentive to Exploit
Macaray: Scabs, Semantics...
Nagle: Against Open Borders
De Noronha: For Open Borders
Hari: Addiction, Depression...
Rasmus: ‘Armistice’?
Jorden: Protest in Paris
Greeman: Yellow Vest Protest
Dorfman: George HW Bush 
DiMaggio: Paraeducators
Prashad: Not Ending AIDS
Wallerstein: Mexico 
Avery: A World Federation
Glisson: Awake in Mississippi
Brecher: Climate Jobs for All
Chomsky: The DNA Industry 
Kelly: Long, Brutal U.S. War
Sunkara: Demographics 
Madeson: Poor People’s Campaign
Brooks: U of Cal Workers Strike 
Klein: Green New Deal
Greenwald: Manafort & Assange
Baker: Degrowthing the Answer?
McLaughlin: ‘Not Closing Plant’
Tynan: Standing With Teachers
Taylor: Zinn’s Life
Lorch: Why people believe
Mason: High Score, Low Pay
Thomason: End of the Internet?

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