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Highlighted Content for Activists

Feffer: ‘Uncreative Destruction’
Roelofs: Greening the Old New Deal
Nader: Resign Now 
Nolan: Sectoral Bargaining
LaFrance: The Prophecies of Q
Tombras: Truth with strings
Chomsky: Disastrous Response
Derysh: Homelessness Rising
Hanna: Own the Internet
Contributors: Global Manifesto
Jones: Mutual Aid in Queens
PRep: Emancipatory mutual aid
Badham: Four-Day Week
Bacon: Farmworkers 
BRooks: Rush to Reopen
Biddle: Facebook Zoom Clone
Weisbrot: Argentina’s Debt Talks
Pollitt: Tara Reade
Solomon: Class War
Barber: Stay Alive, Organize”
Hawkina/Albert: Election Strategy
Bello: Race to Replace Neoliberalism
Brecher: Unions Fight
Greenwald: Critique of Farrow
Cienfuegos: Normal?! No Thanks!

Painter: Basic Income
Saglam: Conspiracy theories 
Zavis: Demanding to Work
Fitz: Beyond Green New Deal
Nelson: Liberate degrowth
Herrera: Next Generation 
Willis: Locked Down in Queens
Monbiot: Rethinking Education
Bennis: Sanctions in Pandemic
Grossman:Hypersonic Missiles
Paley: Feminists in Uruguay
Early: A Mon Valley Memoir
Lazare: Trump’s “Reopening” 
White: Science, News, and Hate
Hayes: Educators Unionize 
Ottenberg: Testing Fiasco
Theoharis: Spare CUNY
Varoufakis: Glimmer of Hope
Wainwright:  Transform the state
Hasan: Biden Taps AOC and Jayapal
Blanc: How We Can Win
Ross: Ross: Split the world in two
Klein: Klein: Potential Bonanza
Kolhatkar: Conspiracy Theories 
Taylor: Cancel the Rent
Codepink: Dear Joe Biden
Amazonians: Long Haul
Galbraith:  Different model
Rasmus: The Unemployed 
Panitch: Corbyn
AOC: Lobbying for Burial Costs
Robin:  Resurrect Public University
Roy: Disable the Engine
Ash: Post-Corona world
Inter: Progressive International
Chesler: Empire Has No Clothes
Parkin: Air pollution falls
Giroux: Optimistic in Pandemic
Friedersdorf: Shutdown Skeptics
Monbiot: Michael Moore?
Bazian: Israel’s Losing Battle
Klinger: Collecting Rent
Klein: Screen New Deal
Wen: We Are Not Ready
Pearson: Mexico: Strange abuses
Kolhatkar: White Supremacy
Pizzigati: Biggest CEOs Lied
Jones: Testing Times
Ellner: Nicolas Maduro
Feffer: Trump’s China Nonsense
Sharma: Journalism is Not a Crime
Chomsky: COVID-19 & Economy
Solomon: Fight for Delegates
Pitt: Far Right Group
Moses: Gen Z Student Leadership
Swanson: Mapping Militarism
Dalsheim: religious defiance
Agarwal: Working-Class Power
Gilmore: Prison Abolition
Dhillon: mutual aid
Elbaum: Trump and the Militias 
Lesher: COVID-19 and the Left
Turse: “Exceptionally Dire”
Fisk: Cold War With China 
Koehler: Break out of prison
Calderbank: A new sense of nation?
Bennett: Lift Rent Control Ban 
Schleuss: Journalists Fight for Us All
McKibben: ‘A Bomb in the Center ’
Lazare: War with Iran

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