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Selected for Activists

Some recent key pieces, updated regularly but remaining online longer than solely in the recent articles list....

Rasmus: Great Strike of 2021
Bello: Zionism’s bete noire
Nolan: Sleepwalking Into the Grave
Furman: 2,000 CWA Members Strike
Bohmer: Universal Basic Income
Fletcher: ‘Un-Republican’ Party
Hartmann: Care Movement Fights
Chomsky: Farmers Fighting For India
McEvoy: Deathly Silence
Hughes: Hospital Workers Strike 
Shakir: Dramatic Labor Resurgence
Ng: Chileans Drafting a Constitution
Przeworski: Revolution to Reformism
Rae: Defy Hollywood bosses
Sainato: Kellogg’s Workers Striking
Chomsky: Life and Death
Katzin: Away from Fossil Fuels
Olivier: Rank-and-File Reformers 
Dangl: rituals and revolutions
León: Workers Leverage. Use It
Tache: student unionization campaign
Glick: Strengthening Left 
Conley: Milestone Moment for Labor
Jones: microwork
Sanders: Transformative moment
Thunberg: “Blah, Blah, Blah”
Wilkins: Women Rally for Justice
Shalom: Ben and Jerry’s boycott
Johnson: Break Them Up
Evans: Albert’s ‘No Bosses’
Sanchez: Governing as a Socialist
Burns: “Sidewalk Socialists”
Sainato: Wave of US Labor Unrest 
Jensen: Instituting Liberty
Furman: Auto Workers 
Jackson: Moral Movement
Sainato: Labor and environmentalist 
Barber II: A Moral Crisis
Hancock: Four-Day Workweek
Mazza: shut it down
Early: Work?
Zickgraf: Zuckerberg’s Nightmare
McGath: expropriate landlords
Franklin: Nabisco Workers Win
Nolan: Alabama Amazon Workers 
Meehan: One Small Step for Man
Martindale: Common Cause
Varoufakis: Merkel Was Bad 
Stancil: Berlin Votes to Expropriate 
Wright: Rural Hospitals 
 Saltmarsh: Climate and Workers
Kerson: DSA Strategy 
Scipes: Dying for an iPhone
Klikauer: No Bosses
St. Clair: Whip Comes Down
Dorfman: Dismantling Dictatorship
Cardoza: Museum Workers 
Guest: Gig Workers 
Shalom: Don’t fund Iron Dome
Sarkar: ‘Vaccine Apartheid’
Smith: Coal Miners’ Ongoing Strike 
Glick: It’s History Making Time
Grim: Rhode Island Progressives 
Patel: Climate and Capitalism 
Jordan: On Workers’ minds
Wilkins: ‘Unfathomable cruelty’ 
Meehan: A Review of No Bosses
Hallinan: 50 Years of Foreign Policy
Sun: 4,391+ Actions 
Vaz: Campesinos Occupy Sugar Mill
Shaner: Imagine Life After Capitalism
Lewis: Shorter Workweek
Jozef: “People Are Desperate”
Lewis: Carpenters’ Union
Elbaum: MAGA Drive for Power
Engelstad: Norway’s Radical Left
Falk: Reacting to Crime 
Nader: Newspapers’ Graphic Artists?
Jedeed: Housing Crisis
McInnis: Pedagogy of the Apocalypse
Lawson: Take on Big Pharma 
Gupta: Occupy Wall Street 
Driver: Exploitation of Africa
León: Carpenter Revolt 
Bernd: Canadian Amazon 
Mureithi: Resurgent Greens 
Wilpert: Objectivity and Commitment
Stamp: New Era of Protest
Aubrey: No justice? No bourbon
Stancil: Sanders Holds the Line 
Fletcher: Internationalism
Secchi: Teaching Without Mask
Chomsky: Who Rules Asia?
Nathanson: Occupy Wall Street 
Chomsky: If I had a magic wand
Nader: Less Than An Inkblot
Wood: Cookie workers don't crumble
Driver: Pharmaceutical Industry
Bello: Debacle of ‘Nation-Building
Johnson: Decade of Pressure
Kelly: Abolish War
Collins: Tax billionaires
Chomsky: War on Terror
Fletcher: Party of the White Republic
Solomon: Abortion Bounty Hunters 
Pollin: Global Green New Deal
Fitz: Be Careful What You Wish For
Giroux: Fascist Politics In Education
Monbiot: We can’t build our way out 
Baldwin: The Rise of the UniverCity
Morgan: Reflections on Occupy
Rasmus: Creeping Austerity 
Correa: Tampa tenants 
Cook: On child vaccines
Walicek: Nabisco Strikes 
Raptis: Mikis
Mason: Anti-vaxxers and far right 
Madeson: Louisiana Activists 
Caro: Latin America Sovereignty
Collins: End the Housing Crisis
Сидоров: Russian parliament
Sanchez: window workers strike
Bacon: We Need Truth
Solomon: Biden’s Revenge
Kelly: What the U.S. Owes 
Staff: U-Cal new union 
Chomsky: Talking Radical Media
Hempel: From Israel to Europe
Podur: Reading Deschooling Society 
Fishman: Unprecedented Protest 

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