Why Cuban doctors should receive the Nobel Peace Prize

Source: Peoples Dispatch

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cuba has taken an active role in extending international solidarity to nations hard-hit by the virus. So far, they have sent medical brigades to 27 countries to assist in the fight against coronavirus. Due to Cuba’s extraordinary commitment to humanity, to public health and to internationalism, a group of human rights organizations and social movements across the world have launched a campaign to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuba’s Henry Reeve medical brigade.

On the website of the campaign, the campaign organizers explain “In recognition of their magnificent solidarity and selflessness, saving thousands of lives by putting their own lives at risk, we urge you to award them [the Henry Reeve Brigade] this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.”

In order to learn more about this campaign, the actions of the brigade and the continued attacks Cuba faces, we spoke to Medea Benjamin, co-founder of US peace organization CODEPINK and co-chair of the US campaign for Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors.

To sign the petition ‘Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors’ click here.

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