Mandela is Dead Why Hide the Truth about Apartheid?

Perhaps the empire believed that our people would not honor his word when in uncertain days of the last century, we argue that even if the USSR disappeared Cuba would continue fighting.

The Second World War broke out when, on September 1, 1939, the Nazi-Fascism invaded Poland and fell like a thunderbolt on the heroic people of the USSR, which contributed 27 million lives to preserve humanity from that brutal massacre that took end the lives of over 50 million people.

War is, on the other hand, the only activity throughout history that mankind has never been able to avoid, what led Einstein replied that he did not know what it would be World War III, but the Fourth be with sticks and stones.

Together means available, the two most powerful nations, the United States and Russia have more than 20 000-thousand-twenty nuclear warheads. Humanity should know well that, three days after the inauguration of John F. Kennedy to the presidency of his country, the January 20, 1961, a B-52 United States, routine flight, carrying two atomic bombs with a destructive capacity 260 times greater than that used on Hiroshima, was injured that precipitated the device to ground. In such cases, sophisticated automated equipment apply measures that prevent the outbreak of the pumps. The first fell to the ground without risk, the second of the 4 mechanisms three failed, and the fourth is in critical condition, barely worked, the bomb did not explode by chance.

No present or past event that I remember or have heard of, like the death of Mandela, so shocked world public opinion, and not by its wealth but by the genuine warmth and nobility of her feelings and ideas.

Throughout history, until just a half century ago and, before that machines and robots, at a minimum cost of energy, to deal with our modest tasks, there were none of the phenomena that today humanity moved by and inexorably govern each of the people: men and women, children and old people, young and old, farmers and factory workers, manual and intellectual workers. The dominant trend is to settle in the cities, where job creation, transportation and basic living conditions, require huge investments to the detriment of food production and other forms of reasonable life.

Three powers have bestowed artifacts on the moon of our planet. The same day that Nelson Mandela, wrapped in the flag of his country, was buried in the courtyard of the humble house where he was born 95 years ago, a sophisticated module China descended into a lighted space of our Moon. The coincidence of the two events was quite casual.

Millions of scientific research materials and radiation in the Earth and space, for they know that Titan, a moon of Saturn, 40 accumulated forty-times more oil than the existing on our planet when he began exploiting this does just 125 years, and at current rates of consumption only last another century.

Fraternal feelings of deep brotherhood between the Cuban people and the homeland of Nelson Mandela born of an event that has not even been mentioned, and which had not said a word over many years, Mandela, because he was an apostle of peace and did not want to hurt anyone. Cuba, because he never made an action seeking glory or prestige.

When the Revolution triumphed in Cuba were in solidarity with the Portuguese colonies in Africa, from the early years, the liberation movements in Africa put in check to colonialism and imperialism after World War II and the liberation of the PRC -the most populous country in the world, after the glorious victory of the Russian Socialist Revolution.

Social revolutions unmoved the foundations of the old order. The inhabitants of the planet in 1960, and reached the 3 billion people. Evenly increased the power of large corporations, mostly in the hands of the United States, whose currency, backed by gold monopoly intact and the remoteness of the battlefronts industry, owner of the world economy became.Richard Nixon unilaterally abrogated its currency backed by gold, and companies of his country took over the main resources and raw materials on the planet, they acquired with papers.

So far there is nothing that is not known.

But why try to hide the apartheid regime, who did so much suffering in Africa and outraged the vast majority of the nations of the world, was the result of colonial Europe and was converted to nuclear power by the U.S. and Israel, which Cuba, a country that supported the Portuguese colonies in Africa fighting for their independence, openly condemned?

Our village, which had been ceded by Spain to the United States after the heroic struggle for over 30 years, never resigned himself to the slave regime imposed on him for almost 500 years.

In Namibia, occupied by South Africa in 1975 left racist troops supported by light tanks with 90 mm cannons penetrated more than a thousand kilometers to the outskirts of Luanda, where a Special Troops Battalion Cuban-Management and several air crews also Cuban Soviet tanks that were there no staff, could contain. That was in November 1975, 13 years before the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale.

I said that we did nothing looking for prestige or no benefit. But it is a very real fact that Mandela was a man of integrity, deep and radically revolutionary socialist, who with great stoicism endured 27 years of solitary confinement. I kept admire his honesty, his modesty and his great merit.

Cuba rigorously fulfilled their internationalist duty. Defended key points and trained every year thousands of Angolan fighters in handling weapons. The USSR supplied weapons.However, at that time the idea of ??principal advisor by the suppliers of military equipment not shared. Thousands of healthy young Angolans constantly admitted in his fledgling army units. The main advisor was not, however, Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Malinovsky or many others who filled glory Soviet military strategy. His obsessive idea was to send Angolan brigades with the best weapons to the territory where supposedly resided tribal government Savimbi, a mercenary in the service of the United States and South Africa, it was like sending forces fighting in Stalingrad to the border of Falangist Spain that had sent more than a hundred thousand soldiers to fight against the USSR. That year he was producing such an operation.

The enemy was advancing forces after several Angolan brigades hit near the goal where they were sent to approximately 1500 kilometers of Luanda. From there you came pursued by South African forces towards Cuito Cuanavale, former NATO military base, about 100 kilometers from the first Cuban Tank Brigade.

At this critical moment the President of Angola requested the support of Cuban troops. The Chief of our forces in the South, General Leopoldo Cintra Frias, told us the application, which used to be common. Our response was that we would pay firm that support if all forces and Angolan teams that front were subordinated to the Cuban leadership in Southern Angola. Everyone understood that our request was a requirement to convert the former base ideal for hitting the South African racist forces field.

In less than 24 hours was the hit of Angola.

The immediate dispatch of a brigade of Cuban tanks to that point was decided. Several more were in the same line to the west. The main obstacle was the mud and soil moisture during the rainy season, we had to check every meter against landmines. A Cuito, was also sent personnel to operate unmanned tanks and guns that lacked them.

The base was separated from the territory which lies to the east by the mighty and fast Cuito River, on which a solid bridge held. Racist army attacked desperately, a remote-controlled aircraft filled with explosives managed to shock you on the bridge and unusable.A retreating Angolan tanks that could move them crossed a point further north. Those who were not in suitable condition were buried with their weapons pointing eastward, a dense strip of land mines and antitank line became a death trap across the river. When the racist forces resumed the advance and slammed into that wall, all artillery and tanks firing from the revolutionary brigades location points in the Cuito.

A special role is reserved for the Mig-23 fighters at close to a thousand miles per hour and 100-hundred-meter-high speed, were able to distinguish if the gunner staff were black or white, and fired incessantly against them.

When worn and immobilized enemy began to withdraw, the revolutionary forces were prepared for the final battle.

Many Angolan and Cuban brigades moved at a rapid pace and proper distance to the west, where the only wide roads where South Africans always started their actions were against Angola. The airport however was approximately 300-hundred-kilometers from the border with Namibia, fully occupied by the army of Apartheid.

While the troops were reorganized and decided reequipaban urgently build a runway for the Mig-23. Our pilots were using aerial equipment delivered by the USSR in Angola, whose pilots had the necessary time for proper instruction. Several flight teams were discounted by casualties were sometimes caused by our own artillery or antiaircraft operators. South Africans still occupied part of the main road leading from the edge of the Angolan plateau Namibia. In the bridges over the mighty river Cunene, between southern Angola and northern Namibia, began at that time with their little game with cannon shots of 140-mm projectiles gave his reach to near 40 miles. The main problem was the fact that the South African racists had, according to our calculations, between 10 and 12 nuclear weapons.They had been tested even in the seas or in the frozen South areas. President Ronald Reagan had authorized, and between equipment delivered by Israel was necessary to blow the nuclear charge device. Our response was to organize personal battle groups of no more than 1 000-thousand-men, who were to march by night in a wide expanse of land and cars equipped with anti-aircraft combat.

South Africa’s nuclear weapons, according to reliable reports, could not be charged by Mirage aircraft, heavy bombers Canberra type needed. But in any case the air defense forces available numerous types of rockets that could hit and destroy airborne targets up to tens of kilometers of our troops. Additionally, a barrage of 80 million cubic meters of water located in Angolan territory was occupied and mined by Cuban and Angolan fighters. The bursting of that dam would have been equivalent to several nuclear weapons.

However, wearing a hydroelectric strong currents of the Cunene River before reaching the border with Namibia, was being used by a detachment of the South African army.

When the new theater racist started shooting cannons 140 mm, the Mig-23 that strongly hit detachment white soldiers, and the survivors fled the scene leaving some critics even posters against his own command. Such was the situation when Cuban and Angolan forces advanced towards the enemy lines.

I knew Katyusha White, author of several historical accounts, along with other journalists and photographers were there. The situation was tense but no one lost his cool.

It was then that the news came that the enemy was willing to negotiate. He had managed to stop the imperialist and racist adventure in a continent that in 30 years will have a higher than China and India combined population.

The role of the delegation of Cuba, on the death of our brother and friend Nelson Mandela, will be unforgettable.

I congratulate teammate Raúl for his brilliant performance and, especially, by the firmness and dignity when with friendly but firm gesture greeted the head of government of the United States and said in English: “Mr. President, I’m Castro”.

When I put my own health limit my physical ability, I did not hesitate a minute to express my opinion on who I believe could take responsibility. A life is a minute in the history of peoples, and I think today who assume this responsibility requires the expertise and necessary to choose an almost infinite number of variants increased authority.

Imperialism always reserve several letters to subdue our island if I have to depopulate, depriving young men and women, offering crumbs of assets and natural resources that plunders the world.

Now speaking spokespeople of empire on how and why the Apartheid arose.

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