A Job That Slowly Kills You

I can understand the sentiment expressed in “Fight Club”: take a sledgehammer to the fucked-up world and blow shit up. While this is not constructive solution, not a solution in any meaningful sense, this is exactly what the future has in store as more and more, especially in the middle-class, become fed up with the whole thing. We have every reason, that is, to expect the emergence of homegrown terrorism. Terrorism motivated by a situation whose cause is political but not directed toward any clear political aim; another symptom the gangrenous state of the market economy. It will not be SWAT teams and CS gas but the temp job and the “right attitude” that sets this next phase of violence, destruction and inameliorable despair into action. (On a personal note: Patently, I have the wrong attitude—prospects for me are doubtful indeed.)


NB: The title comes from a lyric in the Radiohead track "No Surprises". Another lyric in the same song: "Bring down the government they don’t represent us."

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