A New Brand of Cell Phones have arrived in Chennai – the Blood Phone

Amidst commotion about iPhones and 3D Phones, smart phones, etc…, in Chennai a new set of Blood phones have arrived. The big red bus that kills lots of people in Delhi now has its counter part in Chennai, the blood phone (bPhoneTM) has at last well and truely arrived [1,2]. Meanwhile, on the same day all local newspapers have been sent enough commercials on their pages by this cell phone company to keep their mouth shut, in mafia terms, it is called blood money.

One of the primary reason why these SEZ factories are setup outside small towns is to ensure that there are no protests and they also mostly try to employ workers from other states. As far as local CPM official is concerned, it is an accident, just as Nandigram was an accident, I suppose. The blood money can easily cross even the ideological lines.

Meanwhile, Ambiga, the 22-year-old girl murdered by the profit greedy cell phone company has become the ghost that is haunting all cell phone users, not to mention of the others ghosts in Union Carbide batteries that these cell phones might use.  Ambiga's mother, meanwhile, is haunted by her dead daughter's wedding invitation cards of an ill-fated marriage that was to have happened a week later.

The bCellTM phone company managment has made it very clear that since they belong to the SEZ zone, so no rules of compensation apply, so Ambiga's mother must be wondering how to raise her other two children, now that she has lost her only bread winner.

SEZ is like battle zone, like Guantanamo bay, no rules apply, you can do your Schindler's list, and India and China will be made proud members of UN Security Council, for being the super-power coolie's of the world. However, class conscousness might prevent they be given equal powers like veto power.

Meanwhile, Americans will keep printing trillions of dollars and give it to their favourite sons, who will gamble all that money in their favourite casino, the share market, using advanced internet and cell phone technologies since in essense time is money (as labour is free and supplied by atleast two superpower coolies,  China and India).


[1] Tamil Nadu – Negligence causes death of worker at Nokia Telecom SEZ, Sriperumbadur, Sanhati.com

[2] Nokia woman employee crushed to death in factory, expressbuz.com

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