Abandoning Earth



The trees on my lot have been exchanged for cell phone trees or some

other undiagnosis life form. While away running from a land speculator

who was after my lot in Venice CA. I ran for two years up the coast to

the Northwest, When I returned after unsuccessful shaking his posse I

found the house looted of it's contents the house's fundamental

structure destroyed and the vegetation/ plant life replaced with GMO's

. This plant life left on my lot is not the usual high end improved

species.These GMO family relative are toxic and carry bad tidings.

Black with rot, gangling oppressive and overbearing in size. I chop it

down a large over extended orange tree bursting with oranges. Hundreds

of oranges in clusters like cherries which close in and darken the

back yard. When I chop the tree down I find it's trunk made of plywood

and epoxy. The  same case in every other tree on the lot as well, the

large ceder up front oozing clear plastic glue down it's trunk when I

take a sampling from it's side. The ground littered with dead leaves

and undisclosed stalks from other trees from somewhere else. The weeds

and bushes and grasses sitting just barely in the ground. Each

individual plant making ground cover for good distance beyond it's

self, a 360 umbrella of cover for the area with a barren dirt floor,

easy to pull them up and throw them out.  Now having eliminated the

ground cover what is revealing is dirt that could only be made by man.

A powder.  A light brown powder which has enveloped the entire

property as if we were in the dust bowl in the back of a moving truck.

The soil or earth now a brown transparent dye when mixed with water,

no mud run off just a thin brown dye stream. The ground where water is

applied quickly slinks away, sinks in, compressed itself  downward.

The ground when dried it flakes up and cracks in large chunks. As I

watered the foundation corners of my home to see if the stability of

the building would hold in the rains, it simply washed away and

evaporated into thin air. I began to look at other plant life outside

of my home in Los Angeles and see it too is so over exasperated in

style, it's grandiose plumes, its twisting and turning trunks, its

sprouting other species in it's bark, the size of flowers and cacti

too much, way too much. I take some bark from an eucalyptus tree and

find the texture rubbery and spongy like a flip flop beach shoe. It

too seems man made. The large palm trees with their cross hatched

trunks which only could happen if the palm fronds were at sharp

opposite angels to each other on every other frond, not realistic. My

conclusion is this our trees and plant life in general has been

exchanged for some blend of GMO's synthetic life form. If we suffer

from global warming it is a pretty good guess that these forms of

plant life do not participate in the natural oxygen cycle which we

depend on to live. How long has this replanting been going on. 40

years perhaps. My tree's and dirt where have you taken them . I want

them back. Tell me are you leaving the planet with our nature. Have

you found some other earth to plow.So your just going to kill us

slowly. I see.

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