About Antiauthoritarian Movement of Greece

 The Antiauthoritarian Movement created in 2002 with central objective to participate in the mobilisations adversely in the Summit of European Union during June 2003 in the city of Thessalonica. Supported by the close collaboration of teams and individuals from cities of all Greece, the Antiauthoritarian Movement developed the antiauthoritarian reason concerning all the questions of the Session, publicised its opinions, participated in most events of protest for the informal ministerial sessions and for the war in Iraq as well, prepare the presence in Thessalonica, organised one week of events in the Theological Faculty as well as the accommodation of thousands of demonstrators in the same place and finally it participated actively so much in the course for the red zone in Marmaras area, and the demonstration of the next day in the streets of Thessalonica. Antiauthoritarian Movement is one the four major antiglobalisation organisations in Greece 

After two years of intensive preparations against the E.U. summit all those who participate in the Antiauthoritarian Movement decide to continue the operation of the group forming a synthetic network of groups in the major cities of Greece with the following characteristics: 

An organizational structure that places as condition of attendance minimum values and scopes that retain the character of the group as a movement and not transform it either as a political party or teams. 

These minimum core values are: 
– The antiauthoritarian character of its scope and frame. 
– The direct democracy in the way of decision-making. 
– The denial of occupation of any form of power.

Therefore the antiauthoritarian movement is not a federation but rather an open form organization that can accept a lot of organizational forms without to be committed by no one, as long as are accepted the 3 minimum core values. 
The assemblies of the Antiauthoritarian movement are open to the public and announced. 

Each city, assembly or individual keep their autonomy as long as it?s not competing against the rest. The Antiauthoritarian movement aim?s to be an organizational frame for convergence even if in individual questions exists different approach of interpretation of social problems. The central agreement will result from the general meeting of all the participants of every assembly that will take place twice or more per year according to the needs and the organization of an Antiauthoritarian festival at national level. 

The publication of the Antiauthoritarian Movement is a monthly newspaper with Pan-Hellenic scope. The name is BABYLONIA. The publication is managed and coordinated by a separated assembly at national level following the 3 core values of the Antiauthoritarian Movement organizational frame. The newspaper objective is the creation of a continuous dialogue with the society from the viewpoint of counter information. It should announce and spread the voices of resistance and solidarity without to be filtered by some ideological sieve. Babylonia like Antiauthoritarian Movement is not an institution of dead truth, but a process in order to arm again the dialogue.

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