ACORN – Not Nuts

ACORN – Not Nuts

As the days and daylight dwindle in the run-up to November 4, the braintrust of the GOP and its diabolical spin machine seem to have decided its vapid candidates leave it with no alternative; It must go after a group it staunchly proclaims as radical nuts.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has registered over 1.3 million new voters.  Comprised mostly of low-incomes and minorities, they gravitate toward the Democratic ticket.  Nothing could be more horrifying to GOP operatives than the prospect of 1.3 million new poor people – many of color – voting almost exclusively for Democrats. 

So the Republican party muckity-mucks lately seem hellbent on villifying ACORN.  Sounds like a losing cause – trying to make a case crying voter registration fraud – because some phony names i.e. Mickey Mouse, have turned up on voter registration cards.  May I ask: On both counts – what’s new? 

The GOP asserted election scam prowess as we all remember back in 2000 by absconding the election with a little help from their friends in Florida.  In 2004, Democrats got another lesson in some very similar GOP election debauchery in Ohio. 

You don’t have to be a psychic to predict a strategy of a repeat of past chicanery.  When you have no candidates, no linear resonating message and you’re woefully behind in every poll, go back to Plan A – 2000.  Desparate times call for proven counter-measures.  So don’t be too surprised if the GOP turns to its playbook from elections past and follows the sage advice of former Texas University football coach Darrell Royal: "Dance with the one that brung you."  Royal’s favorite expression means to go with the players and plays that result in wins. And our own beloved Molly Ivins wrote a book titled "You got to dance with them what brung you: politics in the Clinton years" (1998).  It’s a proven high percentage strategy. Otherwise, November Rs across the country, not just McCain/Palin could get thumped like a July Luling watermelon.

Insanity is widely defined by some as repeating the same behavior while expecting a different outcome.  If the GOP repeats its past behavior, it has no reason to believe a different outcome will result.  The GOP Roveian braintrust may very well be evil, but they’re not completely nuts.



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