After Nationwide ICE Raids, 50,000 People in Milwaukee Rose up to Say the Arrests Were Wrong

As seventeen-year-old Daniel Gutierrez Ayala marched in Milwaukee on Monday, he thought about the fate of his undocumented parents in Trump’s America. He thought about his own tenuous future as a recipient of President Obama’s deferred action program, and his dream of one day becoming a lawyer who fights for the immigrant community.

As he walked, the high school senior took comfort in the fact that he was not alone. Tens of thousands walked with him—day laborers and business owners who closed shop for the day, schoolchildren and working parents who had taken the morning off, teachers and office workers, activists of all colors and creeds, all eager to partake in one of the largest single manifestations for immigrant rights since President Donald Trump took office.

“We have to remember to stay strong, not fear,” Gutierrez Ayala said. “And what else can we do? Just sit there? We’re not going to take it. We’re going to organize as best as we can as a family and a community.”

In the wake of nationwide raids last week that swept up more than 680 undocumented immigrants, activists have packed the streets across the country in a show of resistance to the anti-immigrant policies of President Donald Trump and local officials supporting him, including Milwaukee County’s Sheriff David Clarke, who has vowed to empower his deputies to act as immigration agents in accordance with the President’s executive orders on interior immigration enforcement.

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