Beating the Virus

There was a derelict house

That nobody would live in.

It was possessed by a ghost.

Then came a man who said,

Rent it to me, and the ghost

Will go away.

“how  may that happen with 

Your coming,” he was asked.

The man said, “ I sing a lot, and

My singing is so off key that no

Ghost worth his salt may survive

The soul-shattering cacophony.”

And true to his claim, things

Turned out exactly as he had

Said they would: the ghost

Tried hard, but was gone for good.


Viruses, as you know, have thinner

Skins than ghosts.

Those that have been seen to recover

From Corona are winners

Because they are more boisterous

Than most.

Think that only the more cultured

Among politicians have succumbed,

While the noisier ones have thumbed

Corona’s sensitive nose.

Inference: should we let the latter

Ones make a dozen bad speeches

A day, it is to be much doubted

That  Corona will survive the fray.

Like the ghost, it may want to up

And leave for more civilized climes,

And give us our much-needed reprieve.

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