Ben and Jerry’s boycott: New Jersey’s anti-boycott act must be repealed

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Source: Northjersey.com

AUGUST 12, 2021: Protesters staged a rally to boycott Ben and Jerry’s after Ben and Jerry’s join the BDS anti-Semitic movement targeting Israel.

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Many are aware of the horrible way that Israel treats Palestinians. But did you know that Israel is aided in this by the state of New Jersey?

How could it be that liberal New Jersey would support the denial of basic rights to people more than five thousand miles away? Alas, blue New Jersey enacted a law that calls for the state to punish any company that has the audacity to boycott Israel as a way to pressure it to stop oppressing Palestinians.

Boycotts, of course, have a long and honorable history in the struggle for social justice. They were used to great effect in bringing an end to apartheid in South Africa and they were a key tool in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and farmworkers’ struggles. But in 2016, the New Jersey Legislature passed a law calling for the State to divest all its investments from any company that chose to boycott Israel because of its mistreatment of Palestinians.

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