Bolsonaro’s Pro-Coup Rally: September 7 Is Shaping Up to Be Brazil’s January 6

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Source: The Intercept

Supporters of Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro are organizing online to take to the streets on Tuesday and begin the overthrow of the country’s democratic institutions. “It’s all or nothing now,” said an unnamed narrator in a video shared in pro-Bolsonaro online messaging groups. “Take the streets this September 7 or we’ll be slaves.” Another video called for “patriots” to donate money and participate to “begin a general cleansing process in Brazil.”

It’s no coincidence that the first decree under Brazil’s U.S.-backed military dictatorship was called “Operation Cleanse.” The diktat, issued in 1964, as the generals took power, initiated a witch hunt to remove leftists and other political opponents from positions of power and began two decades of brutal political repression that included censorship, mass arrests, torture, rape, and assassinations.

Brazil’s far right is calling back to that history, without the wink-and-nod, to restore their order at the expense of democracy. The hard right believes that, since the military relinquished control in 1985, Brazil has deteriorated. A rejuvenated “communism,” they say, must again be purged, resisted, and battled back by any means possible.

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