Call to Action

A Call to Action from United for Peace and Justice:

Step Up the Struggle for Peace! Reclaim Our Capitol, Take Back Our Democracy!

Beginning Now: An Emergency Campaign of Lobbying and Nonviolent Direct Action to Stop the War and Fund Schools, Jobs, Health Care and Other Human Needs!

Startiing Now: An Immediate Campaign of Sustained Action for Peace and Justice

It is clear that we are entering the final stages of the struggle to stop an all-out war on Iraq. The world peace movement in the tens of millions has delayed it and profoundly transformed the political context of the Bushites’ decision. War, though very close, is not a certainty. The question is, what do we do in the United States with this last chance for action?

MIllions around the world have said "No!" to war on Iraq–and still Bush won’t turn back. We have written letters, sent email, made phone calls, participated in delegations, rallied, marched, walked out–and still the Congress refuses to uphold their constitutional duty to decide on matters of war as representatives of the people. Resources for human needs are being cut, our rights are under attack, and our democracy is being betrayed. We have no choice but to RAISE THE BAR OF OUR RESISTANCE and rise up to the challenge of reclaiming our democracy and defending the promise of freedom from tyranny–including the greatest tyranny of all: WAR. We must take action to demand that our elected officials represent our interests and vote no to war. The time has come to bring the new voices of democracy to the Congress: if they won’t uphold the Constitution and represent the people, WE WILL.

Thus, we call upon the hundreds of thousands of people who have actively participated up to now in this historic, nonviolent uprising for peace to take part in an:

Emergency Campaign of Lobbying and NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION to Stop the War and Fund Schools, Jobs, Health Care and Other Human Needs.

Our demands are clear: -Publically oppose the war and take action to stop it. Stand with your constituents! -Repeal Bush’s war authorization and REVOTE on Iraq policy. -Reallocate the people’s money from the military to needed domestic programs.

Our plan is clear:

1) March 10-14: Week of Lobbying and Preparation: a) Tuesday, March 11–Phone, fax, email your Congressional reps to demand that they represent our interests and say no to war. We want them to publicly support repeal of Bush’s war authorization and legislation to incrase human needs funding. b) Thursday, March 13, organize community delegations to your representatives’ offices to deliver these demands in person and declare your intention to take nonviolent direct actions if they refuse to uphold the constitution and support the popular demand for peace. c) organize transportation to D.C. for the March 17th mass nonnviolent direct action (arrive on March 15th for the march on the White House or at the latest by March 16th am) or organize local nonviolent action training and prepare local legal support and solidarity.

2) March 15-21: Week of Sustained Action for Peace and Justice, Including Nonviolent Direct Action

-In Washington, D.C. A) Converge in D.C. on Saturday, March 15th or by the morning of Sunday, March 16th for nonviolent action training and action planning spokescouncils; B) Monday, March 17th, engage in mass nonviolent direct action to stop the war and to reclaim democracy. This will be a kick-off of an ongoing campaign of nonviolent resistance. If we must, we will TAKE THE STREETS AND FILL THE JAILS until they listen to the people’s will for peace!

-Nationwide (if you can’t make it to D.C.): A) Complete training andn legal preparation for nonviolent direct action by Sunday, March 16th; B) Monday, March 17th, begin a campaign of nonviolent direct action to demand Peace, Justice and Democracy. *Details to be detrmined locally.* If we must we will sit-in, occupy, obstruct and FILL THE JAILS until they listen to the people’s will for peace!

*If war begins before March 17th or during the following week, we urge ongoing nonviolent direct action: While the Bombs Fall, NO BUSINESS AS USUAL!

Together, we have the power to stop this war and change history!

To find our more, get involve, and register your participation, visit www.nyspc.net and contact: nyspcmarch17@yahoo.com.

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