Campaign Fundraising report – March 16th

Five States Down, Fifteen to Go!

The campaign is now releasing its second progress report towards Federal Matching Funds.

Since the January report released last week, two more states have raised their first $5k in qualifying contributions.
Our appreciation goes out to *New York and *Texas which surmounted the $5k threshold to put their state on our list of twenty
states supporting federal matching funds for Cynthia McKinney. They join California, Oregon and Illinois, who made the
January report.

We want to express our appreciation to the following states whose residents have already given $1,000 or more and are on their way towards that goal: *D.C. ($2.7k), Florida ($1.2k), *Massachusettes ($1k), *Michigan ($1.7k), *Minnesota ($2.7k), Oklahoma ($1k), *Washington ($2.6k) and Wisconsin ($1.6k).
(Figures current through February 29th, 2008; * indicates change since last month).

When twenty or more states have raised $5,000 in qualifying contributions, the McKinney campaign will be eligible for a one-for-one match on that first $100,000, as well as the first $250 contributed by all future contributors until the Chicago Convention adjourns.  Early qualification for Federal Matching is key to fifty-one ballot lines and debate access and building the momentum these crisis times demand of our campaign.

This is a goal we can achieve in March with your help. But it will take spreading the word.  It will take letting folks in your state and in other states know.  It will require hosting house parties, making phone calls, asking for help and contributions towards making this campaign real.

If McKinney supporters in those states listed above put her over the top, that still leaves us seven states short.  Want to kick off the McKinney for President Campaign in your state in a big way?  Contact us for ideas on how we can help you do that.

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