Challenges facing workers and the economy in Venezuela

This is a very interesting interview that highlights some of the challenges that the union movement has had to face under the revolutionary process that is underway in Venezuela.Pereira’s comment that stresses the tasks facing the movement “to demonstrate that only in our hands, in the hands of the Venezuelan people, is it possible to develop a national productive apparatus, and that for this the workers need more power”, is critically important.

It points to the need to demand for further nationalisation of industry together with greater control by the workers in those industries. The process that has been underway since 1998 has undergone dramatic changes but a key component has yet to be realised, being the need to gain greater control of the economy by the people. There is no doubt that a large part of the economic challenges facing venezuela is due to the economy still being dominated by private industries that are in fundamental opposition to the process itself.

The economic challenges facing the government can only be overcome by taking control of the economy in a way that transfers ownership to the people and provides the mechanisms for them to participate in deciding what and how production is organised and distributed.


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