Contemporary Politics Law


Any consecutive attempt to clean up the consequences of one-sided legislation is doomed from the start, because no legislation is accidental and its future must be preserved at all costs. In case like health care, the mechanism to stop the reform was developed long time before the challenge actually came. When political candidates announce their agendas, it triggers the market forces hard work to make sure the challenge is disarmed.


In case of Cromwell Finances called Fed, the challenge isn’t started even here, and the South America club of 9 don’t have a clue how to integrate the population with the newly created currency and is building another bureaucracy turning elite down the road.


And actually who represent population. The concept of representation in the light of historical experience is highly questionable ,from probability point of view. It is OK to use people on the street, but is not OK to work with them afterwards to shape local legislation.

So what else you need to know?  Do you know any structures adequate for the job to be done? 


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