Donald Trump Is an Autocrat. It’s Up to All of Us to Stop Him

Source: The Intercept

Photo by bgrocker/


I have a question for American leftists: Do you finally see the difference between the Democrats and Donald Trump?

I have a question for American right-wingers: Do you finally see that it is Trump who will take your guns?

I have a question for American evangelicals: Do you finally see that Trump is the one who will close your churches?

I have a question for Republican members of Congress: Do you finally see that you will be in the camps too?

Dictatorships are built on denial. Dictators take over gradually; each incremental step that erodes civil liberties and the rule of law can be justified and explained away. Sometimes a would-be dictator is laughed off as a political buffoon who shouldn’t be taken seriously. While it is happening, no one can quite believe that they are on the road to serfdom.

Autocrats often enjoy broad public support for their crackdowns. Initially, they target the “others,” while the majority cheers. The public doesn’t recognize the threat until it is too late. The supporters who cheered the loudest are often caught up in ideological purges and become some of the regime’s earliest victims.

After nearly four years in office, it is impossible to miss what Trump truly is. He is a psychopath who lusts for dictatorial powers. He has jettisoned everyone from the government who might get in his way. He is now surrounded by enablers in jackboots like Attorney General William Barr and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

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