Fatalism may be Fatal

Wow. This has really got me thinking. This is about us. US. All of us who are passionate in learning about our society, our politics, our confinements. All of us who are frustrated with the state of affairs that affect the poor, the imprisoned, the middle class. This is everything, and every one who has time and a means to research, think, and fucking feel something about what we learn.

We need to stand up and demand our rights be put back in effect. Without capitulating to what our government, or anyone in a position of authority, that we ALLOW to have such authority, says is best for us. We need to stand up and demand that our rights as human beings, are also attributed to those that are easily forgotten, out of sight, and out of mind. We need to do whatever it takes, and spread the word until we are exhausted, and then continue.

And if someone doesn’t want to hear us, we must assert our right to speak freely about that which we believe in, that which we know is right. That we are all people. How is it, that we can work our entire lives, putting money away for our children, for them to go to school, we save for retirement, then provide enough, or our children provide enough, that we can place ourselves, and our elderly in facilities that provide 24/7 care, and then be okay with the people we PAY to take care of our grandparents, to stop taking care of them? Or, to restrict care until the barest minimum, and still, we’re okay with this?

This isn’t even about this current development in the giant fuck up of our society.

This is about stopping this from spiraling into yet another frustration that we will all end up "rallying against". This is about stopping this from spreading across the country, stopping the process of laws being passed in order to protect the companies that do this. This is about preventing the lobbyists for these nursing homes and their associated businesses, from even further corrupting our legislators, and breaking down even further our broken government.

This is about fucking standing up for what you believe in, and being righteously pissed off about the atrocities committed against us, here, and everywhere.

This is inspiring.

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