Fig Leaves

Poor fig is just a lowly fruit,

But fig leaves earn reward;

They hid our shame in Paradise,

And now they hide our fraud.


Fig leaves from colonial laws

Help put away

Civil society terrorists

Intent to have their say.


Fig leaves from man-made homilies

Keep women-folk in trim;

Thus, order is sustained

In outer and inner realm.


Fig leaves from learned holy books

Help the low-caste know their place;

Fig leaves from favoured  history books

Indict the invader race.


Fig leaves of Whatsapp currency

Help charlatans become saints;

Fig leaves cover all blemishes,

All diabolical taints.


Fig leaves from expert advice

Turn fiction into fact;

Fig leaves teach the dictator

How to seem a democrat.


So next you go to fruit  market,

Dump the fig by the road,

But pick up all the leaves of fig

Your pocket can afford.

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