First Report on Democratization



"It is telling something in a country of hundreds of organizations proclaiming to represent public interest that the first report on democratization other than from corporate perspective has to be written by an unaffiliated individual with no support. No matter how much the government neglects, it is all due to your absence, misguided actions and lock of imagination. Democracy has no manual and your political home is local government near you."


None of the causes of the economic ills resulting in continuous decay of living standard has been reversed. No new tools for economic evaluation is even considered. Trying to work the unworkable is marked by the policies of last three decades. But comprehending the solution alone, may turn out to be not so difficult.


Public – government integration remains somehow an abstract concept. It’s not even a tiny part of the massive news injection. The better news is – the more you can do with it. On daily bases attention is being driven away from the problem solving toward the ‘bad news comfort zone ‘ operation. But keeping viewers attention away from integration has dead end quality. And the opposite is bound to happened. Saying ‘It’s other peoples’ job’ is not a valid argument.


The morality threshold. People losing their health and life to systemic homelessness don’t have genocide victim status. The most sick dies early. Many hangs on for up to few years in most brutal, sadistic conditions. The absence for respect for human life spills to every other region of social being.


No job policy and its aftermath has never been so apparent. It’s everything but human. Anti-wage policy, enigmatic unions and the need for national job program are issues in their own rights. There is more than one way to deal with the deadly import on many levels above the existing ‘behind the back’ contracts.


Decisions, decisions, decisions. And finally the single-idea-solution. Bringing people closer to decision making process at the root; local legislation. To be specific: allowing local residents to register at respective City Hall to be entitled to vote on local legislation the same way the City Council people have. If you are still skeptical, bear in mind, that legislation is always written with the decision making body in mind.


It opens the dialog with higher levels of legislation too.

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