General Strike: Brazil Will Strike on April 28

From the side of the government and the Congress, the situation keeps getting worse with their insanity and arrogance. In the last weeks the outsourcing law was approved, which for some lawyers is like the comeback of slavery, because the power of the employer upon his employees superimposes the law. They passed over the Consolidation of Labour Laws and the Constitution… while the Supreme Federal Court remained silent, convenient for the capital interests.

They threaten with the pensions reform that basically takes the right of retirement for most workers and gives the best paid categories to the private system. But the non elected president Temer, Padilha, and their group, have successfully retired after 55 year with shameful salaries, paid by the people.

In agriculture, after closing the Agrarian Development Ministry, preventing the agrarian reform and all the programs that benefitted the farmers, now they want to stimulate the selling of terrains of the agrarian reform to concentrate property. They are authorizing the selling of our land to the foreign capital. And still, they mock us, allowing only 100.000 hectares per company!

In the middle of March, the horseplay arrived. The collusion between a delegate of the Federal Police and the mass media company Globo transformed, in particular cases, into the paranoia that the meat sold at markets was rotten. In fact it was only a case of corruption that involved some dirty prosecutors financed by Parana deputies of Temer’s Party, that are with the government, when eve one of them became a minister. The companies and workers of the frigorific sector and farmers had to pay the bill of Globo’s stupidity.

Winds are changing in the people side. We already had a couple of signals during Carnival, with the spontaneous manifestations that magnified the call: “GET OUT TEMER!”. Then we had the biggest women mobilization of all time in March 8. Recently, thousands of workers occupied the streets of different cities in March 15 to protest against the reform of the retirement and pension system. In cities like Curitiba the manifestations felt like weekend due to the high convocatory. And then, as a response, the bourgeoisie that support the institutional coup, wanted to strike back and called upon mobilizations to demonstrate support for the government. It was a complete failure. They did not know what to say and even helped burying judge Moro, making public that he has really minor support.

The working class is starting to comprehend that the coup was not only against Dilma, but also against them and their rights, and is already starting to mobilize. The best way to put a stop to the retirement, labour, outsource reforms and to this corrupt government is to make a general strike, paralyzing all the productive activities of the country.

Only in this way, businessman will have to choose their side: democracy and workers, or the adventure of a coup government without any future.

Subsequently, on May 3, thousands of people will go to Curitiba to show our support to our comrade Lula, victim of Dallagnol’s paranoia, who barely competed to be a public procurator, and who does he thinks he represents?

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