— Unmasking the Travistock Institute

By Jim Miller


What we are struggling against is far better organized, financed, and disciplined than we are, and is well on its way toward the creation of a global power structure which is privately owned, but operates through governments, the military/police/prisons and financial institutions. The head of this Global Consortium is Travistock Institute, a collection of the world’s most powerful men (no women), headquartered in the UK. These men own and/or control vast empires of wealth and property. They control governments and the banking system. They control commerce and currency. They can create wealth or poverty with a stoke of a pen. Travistock Institute is the champion of the “New World Order”.


They finance and order the CIA’s covert gang which can install or eliminate a dictator in a foreign country. They decide on when and where wars will be fought and how the spoils will be divided. See John Coleman’s book, Conspirators Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, reviews at: http://tribes.tribe.net/mind-control/thread/ecefc760-d34e-48c2-baa1-a91f77da6b5b.


They, along with the oil barons and the “seven sisters” (seven major oil companies) are creating extreme wealth for themselves while creating chaos in the streets for the average citizen. The reasons and the intended results are clearly set forth and document in The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. http://www.naomiklein.org/main. Watch her series of video clips on YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=JG9CM_J00bw.


Their purpose in creating the chaos in the streets is to reduce the power of the public to organize or resist the taking of their lives and properties. The methods are: Raise prices so as to cause purchasing power of the dollar to drop, thus forcing many small business to fold. By increasing costs, large companies will shed employees and increasingly move their production and purchasing operations to low wage countries. Meanwhile back in the States, jobs disappear, renters are evicted and mortgages are foreclosed. The effect is to create a massive shift in wealth from the individuals to the banks. The banks fail and the Resolution Trust Corporation will auction off 100 million blocks of property to the super rich who will then own most of the world’s developed real estate. They can charge lower rents, having bought the real estate for ten cents on the dollar, and thus bankrupt the surviving real estate landlords, who then suffer foreclosure. The cycle of accumulation of wealth by the Travistock men thereby gains more momentum. These events happened during President Regan’s administration when there was a massive collapse of the Federally insured savings and loan industry. Today, it is happening again with massive foreclosures on homes, then businesses, followed by bank failures. These events are not accidents. They are planned by the Traverstock boys and executed by their hencemen.


Meanwhile, we have huge concentrations of homeless folks who, deprived of jobs , are at the sub-poverty, near starvation level. Local and state governments sit on their hands, dumbfounded as to what to do. Not only do we have homeless folks, but folks with accumulated health issues which overwhelm the few operating hospitals.


All this while, government officials make pious statements and, as usual, do nothing. The controlled mass media whips up hatred of the homeless and working poor. The “Archie Bunker” mentality is promoted. This growing division accelerates. This Travistock policy is the intended effect of the “divide and conquer” approach. The point is to isolate individuals, families and destroy any attempt they might mount to organize. Without assets, a place to live, a job or source of income, and destitute, they can be easily led and intimidated by the police/military/private army controlled by the Travistock men.


We can now see that the war in Iraq is surely a grab by the seven sisters for huge oil reserves since we have crossed over the peak of the Peak Oil crisis. That plan is just now being executed by Bush/Cheney. The war in Afghanistan now allows the Travistock men to control the heroin trade – which is very lucrative. We used millions of gallons of herbicide (Agent Orange) in Vietnam, but not a drop in Afghanistan to kill the poppy fields. Guess why.


Now, what do we do about Travistock, the seven sisters and our national and state governments? We bypass them. Simple as that. Boycott. Don’t spend any of our money or time or assets with them. Kill them off by denying them cash flow. Remember, we, presently, are a cash flow society. We gave up barter and self-sufficiency a hundred years ago with the industrial revolution and its cousin, the fossil fuel-based transportation revolution. Now it is our time to revolt and start the ecovillage (or permaculture or intentional community) revolution. We need our own banking system (member-owned credit unions) and our own medium of exchange (debit cards) and our own currency (suggest we call them “leaves”, “stems”, “roots”).


We need to read deeply in to Spiral Dynamics since that book really explains the various epochs were are experiencing. See: http://www.spiraldynamics.net/ We start by learning all we can from existing permaculture villages and intentional communities. We need to organize and stay focused on creating our own economy within our networked community economies. However, we still need to sell our goods and services into the cities and towns for needed profits. Remember, we will be in a transition mode for probably fifty years or more, so we will have to continue to deal with the those entities which are strictly based on cash flow and not barter. We will do this with great care, doing business only with “green” companies which practice economic justice in the workplace.


We will support and encourage the formation of worker cooperatives. This approach has been very successful in South America. Read Sin Patron published by www.lavaca.org See also: http://red-coral.net/WorkCoops.html

Over the course of the last four years, I have accumulated a sizable library of books, articles, webpages and such which I am willing to post on a web site, free for members to use. We need to organize and create a sustained outreach effort.


We need to start our ecovillages as intentional communities. We need our owned land and resources put to good use.


Jim Miller, jimmiller5417@yahoo.com

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