I never thought I would see

Godzilla in town.

But here he is, bringing bashingly

Old constructions down.


He leaps with selective precision

From roof to suspicious roof,

Unraveling sophisticated statutes

From slender warp to subtle woof.


Whatever kept him out thus far

From muscular embrace

Is now destined to be destroyed

As the jungle creeps apace.


“Enough of urbane pretences,”

Roars Godzilla;

“look at my skull, it is hard,

And will demolish your Qila.”


I see a million hands applaud—

All aspiring, young,

Look up at Godzilla above,

And shout with a common lung


“Godzilla is the man for us,

He will for sure destroy

Our ancestors of feeble mind,

As you might a toy.”


Godzilla hears the accolades

With a blood-dripping mouth;

He yells a menace of a roar,

Heard from north to south.


Time for finicky denizens

Of civilized room and yard

To hide, or to acquiesce

To Godzilla’s command.


I see a planet headed unique

To a future of dominance,

Unmatched in annals gone before,

Or those that may come hence.


A universal reckoning is at hand,

Godzilla will show the way

To nations held back by humane laws

That have had their measly day.

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