Greece at the “Crossroads,” Again [Part One]

About three centuries before the birth of our Lord , Jesus Christ, the Romans “occupied” Greece and tried to mimic the culture of classical Greece. This can be taken as the beginning of a series of “crossroads” that Greece faced up to this day. The Romans, as occupiers, were followed by the Venetians, the Ottomans, the Slaves, the Bavarians, the Nazis, the British, and finally the US, to this day.

Today, as during the past centuries, the Greeks are again at a crossroad and have to decide between survival and foreign subjugation.

In the ZNet Commentary of May 12, 2012 with the title “The ‘Drama’ of the Greek Elections” we read:

“Now, suppose that … there is a leftist government in Greece. Naturally, this government will have under its control also the Greek armed forces. Furthermore, suppose that this sovereign Greek government demands that one of the most important US military bases in the world, the ‘Souda Bay Base’ in Crete, should be closed. Would not the forming of such a leftist Greek government be rather ‘annoying’ for the US but also for Israel which uses the ‘Souda Bay Base’ as part of its military machine?

Therefore, a leftist Greek government cannot exist, ever.

However, horror of horrors, in the evening of May 6, 2012, a Greek Orthodox Christian Sunday, such a leftist Greek government became a possibility … Therefore, the US and the European elites were obliged to face this odious situation. It seems that they were prepared to do so. A few seconds (this is not an exaggeration!) after the announcement of the results the Greek “patriotic” proxies of the US and the European elites started an unbelievable attack against SYRIZA, the real winner of the elections, by accusing it, with a schadenfreude smirk, that ‘it was at a lose’ to govern the country. This has been going on ad nauseum for almost four days since that Sunday evening to this minute (Thursday morning of May 10, [2012]) , by the use, not so strangely, of the same denigrating expressions by a wide spectrum of persons.” 

On May 25, 2014, about 20 days from now, there are going to be elections in Greece for the European Parliament and for the local (municipal) governments.

Once more, a leftist Greek government [by SYRIZA] is a possibility!

This time the US and the Germans are in extreme panic. Their reaction is mainly based on massive and continuous attack against SYRIZA through their native “proxies”, who  have recruited all the available Greek “personnel” to carry the attack. Of course, if Philip Agee was around, he could explain to us the nuts and bolts of such an “operation”.

For example take the lady who is a very serious person and an asset to the community of the Greek elites . Here is a ZNet Commentary, “The Harvard Lady”, of October 3, 1999,  which introduced the lady to the readers of ZNet, 15 years ago:

“The U.S. (corporate or state) institutions that dominate the life of ordinary people in almost all countries, though impersonal, need some individuals who, as part of a local elite, promote the ideology and the goals of these institutions. The portrait of such an individual, a lady, as it appears through a recent interview in a Greek paper is quite instructive.

The lady, Niki Tzavella, was interviewed by Olga Bakomarou of the Athens daily ELEFTHEROTYPIA and the interview was published on September 6, 1999. Mrs. Tzavella is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Kennedy School at Harvard and a friend of people like ‘Kissinger, Ford, or Bush’ according to the introductory note of the interview. The interview was held on the occasion of the appointment of Mrs. Tzavella at the leadership of ‘Athens 2004.’ ‘Athens 2004’ being the group (or something) that will organize the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 AD. The silliness of the ‘Olympic Idea’, etc. aside, it seems that the position is important in the corporate-CEO sense. Indeed, Mrs. Tzavella, by training and through her experience, is a labor expert.

Early on in the interview, the journalist mentioned that some people consider Mrs. Tzavella as a “person of the Americans.” To this Mrs. Tzavella answered that she considers ‘America as (her) second country.’ In connection to that remark, one should not ignore the fact that Mrs. Tzavella at a point in her public career, up to 1996 (?), she was a Deputy in the Greek Parliament. Inevitably, one wonders if an American who considers Greece as his second country can be a member of the US Congress. Is there a (hidden) ‘patriotic’ factor that in a way I am exaggerating in my thinking? Maybe this can be clarified as we move on in the text of the interview. Besides, on this question, as in any other question, there is the ultimate authority, as Mrs. Tzavella would agree, the Bible: ‘No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other; … Ye cannot serve God and mammon.’ (Matthew, 6:24, King James’ Version). Of course the US is definitely not mammon, i.e. an ‘Evil Empire’.


Mrs. Tzavella raps up her interview by admitting that she ‘talks very little’.The reason for that is: ‘Not to waste time. And to have the joy of listening to others. If they also talk very

little.’ Noam Chomsky, known for his eagerness to talk as much as time limits allow him, does not have a chance with Mrs. Tzavella.”

Suddenly, now during this election period, of April 2014, Mrs. Tzavella sacrificed her [Harvard ?] values of talking “very little” and joined the struggle against the commies. Her debut has been remarkable. It seems she was assigned the task of extolling the greatness of Adonis. [Adonis being the son of a Syrian king named Theias and his daughter Smyrna, after an incestuous encounter, a few millennia ago. The present “King” of Syria is named Assad.]

Adonis [accent on “A”] Georgiadis  is the present Minister of Health for the Greek nation. He was appointed by Antonis [accent on “o”] Samaras, the darling of another charismatic lady, who, in turn, is a Donald Rumsfeld protegee, a.k.a. Frau Merkel.

The reaction of the Greek people at the announcement of the appointment of Adonis was: “Oh No!”

The reaction of the Greek MDs, pharmacists and other medical personnel was and is much more vivid.

Adonis operates a bookstore [burnt down quite a few times by Greek anarchists] catering to the glory of classical Greece and the Christian Orthodoxy, he was a parliamentarian deputy for a, now disappearing, political party, LAOS, replete with Nazis and crypto-Nazis, he has a rare ability of shouting instead of talking, and like Mussolini he likes to “live dangerously”.

Thus, he is addicted to addressing angry crowds living in dire misery, pretending he is courageous and tough, although most of the time he is led in or out of the premises, where the events take place, through a back door.

[Parenthesis: Mussolini’s motto “vivere pericolosamente” (living dangerously), borrowed from Nietzsche, was nothing but an idiotic posture to impress, probably, the female population. I wonder what would be the expression in his face if he could see his corpse hanging upside down, after living dangerously. Also, one wonders how come his girl friend, Clara Petacci, let herself hang upside down by his side. Nevertheless, I still believe in the tacit rationality of women. Finally, does living dangerously includes earthquakes, floods, landslides, skyscrapers, and wars? It seems that in the present point in human evolution it does.]

Back to Adonis. Here is an example for the latter case of Adonis facing crowds:

About two weeks ago, on April 20, 2014, Adonis was in London, invited by the “Imperial [!} College”, ready to vanquish the crowds, So, after the booing and chaos that his presence brought about, a young woman, a Greek, was invited to talk to him at the podium. Her verbal reaction to his acts and his behavior was almost “physical” as she expressed the anger of the millions of Greeks living in misery. His reaction was not  to answer to her questions, but to defend himself by using his usual mantra about commies and Stalin, and calling the young woman a “monster” . A rather pathological reaction.

We should not forget that this person, Adonis, is the Minster of Health for the nation of the Greeks.

A situation that is not only an insult to the dignity, of an entire population, but it is a danger to the lives of the members of that population.

Thus the [foreign] planners of the future of the Greeks, in their furious efforts to neutralize SYRIZA, use all kinds of “tricks” they have in their toolbox:

– A few weeks ago, out of the blue came a new political party with the strange name “The River” [“To Potami”, in Greek]. In a couple of weeks it became almost the third party in Greece!

– The Nazis insist that they will be the “last ones to laugh”. Indeed, by now, it is proven that they have infiltrated all the bastions of the “conservative” Greek government.

About the political party the “River” and the rest of the tools we shall be back in Part Two of this piece.

Finally, to close this Part, here is the story of a woman, that concerns the “leader” of “The River”:

On the midnight of December 22, 2008, two Greek men attacked a woman who was returning to her home after her work as a cleaning woman at the Athens subway. They threw acid in her face, then forced her mouth open and poured acid down her throat. The name of the woman is Konstantina Kuneva, an immigrant from Bulgaria. From that day on she literally has lived in hospitals undergoing multiple surgery in her eyes and all the vital organs affected by the acid down her throat. Today, she lives in Paris, undergoing more treatment, and she is a candidate for the European Parliament with the party of SYRIZA.


  1. Orfeas Chouchoulis May 7, 2014 8:20 pm 

    *Correction* : He didn’t say it “in” London, but later in an interview in Greece, referring to the incident.

  2. Orfeas Chouchoulis May 7, 2014 2:45 pm 

    At that same incident in London, Adonis also stated (or shouted, more accurately)that communists are in the wrong place, as London “is the capitalist center of the world ” as he called it. Instead they should go to North Korea to be among likeminded people.
    This ,at best, is an infantile argument and at worst a dangerous one, taking into consideration that Karl Marx himself spent half his life in London.
    This illiterate, uninformed and yet strong minded person is only one of the many who have high ranks in the Greek government.

  3. avatar
    Anthony Baldwin May 6, 2014 2:00 am 

    Such cruelty is difficult to believe.

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