Greece at the “Crossroads”, again [Part Two]

Back to Greece, the “pariah” country of Europe. A strange situation for Greece, as the name “Europe” is a Greek word composed of the adjective “evrys” [accent on “y”], which means: broad [or broad-minded] and the noun “ops” which ultimately means “outlook”. Thus, one can say that Europe means: the continent whose leaders have a “broad-minded outlook”. So broad, that it reaches Ukraine and beyond, but discards Greece.

Noam Chomsky writes [in his “Year 501”, of 1993]: “By the term ‘Europe, we include the European-settled colonies one of which now leads the crusade”. The “crusade” being the “conquest of the world”. In these 501 years, since Columbus, the colony that became the “leader” evolved into an extremely unjust society characterized by the percentage relationship of 1 % vs. 99 %. A relationship that has spread over almost the entire planet.

Europe and its  “leading colony” inevitably have a plan for their ecumenical “crusade”.  Again inevitably, Greece is included in that plan.


Crossroads [Part two]

– “The River”

To be connected to “Part one” of this piece here is one of its concluding sentences:

“Thus the [foreign] planners of the future of the Greeks, in their furious efforts to neutralize SYRIZA, use all kinds of “tricks” they have in their toolbox:

– A few weeks ago, out of the blue came a new political party with the strange name “The River” [“To Potami”, in Greek]. In a couple of weeks it became almost the third party in Greece!”

The leader of “The River” is Stavros Theodorakis. Which is a very interesting name for a human.

– The Greek word “stavros” [accent on “o”] means a “cross” and specifically the cross on which the gentle Jesus was crucified. [The only word in English that has “stavros” as part of a compound is the word “stavro-lite”, a crystal having the shape of a cross.] Now, the Greek Christians, out of respect for the divine, changed the accent from the letter  “o” to the letter “a” and miraculously they created a Greek Christian name: Stavros.

– The last name “Teodorakis” in Greek means “the little gift  by God”. [“Theo”, as in “theology, “doro” meaning “gift”, and “akis” being a suffix for “little”]

Therefore, the leader of “The River”, the newly created Greek political party, is a “cross” given as a “little gift by God”.

Thus, the “[foreign] planners”, [planners from now on] in their magnanimity offered to the Greeks, Stavros Theodorakis, as “a little gift by God”.

Alexis Tispras, the leader of SYRIZA, is a 40-year-old young man and a civil engineer by training. Thus, the planners had to choose an equivalent opponent [at least physically] : Stavros Theodorakis a 51-year-old journalist, who looks close to 40.

Stavros, has traced the not so strange trajectory of a journalist that starts his career on the Left and ends up as a prominent asset of the Right.

[Parenthesis: The journalistic scene in Greece is as follows: There are basically two mainstream conservative (read rightist)  papers “To Vima” (The Tribune) and “Kathimerini” ( The Daily), both with a long and very “dark” history. The only quasi leftist paper used to be “Eleftherotypia” (Freedom of Press) which split in two with the new  paper  named “The Newspaper of the Editors”. Of course, in the margins there were and are “The Radical” and “The Dawn” the organs of the Communist Party (Stalinist) and of the Eurocommunists, respectively.

The majority of Greek journalists are instruments of the Greek elite (a worldwide curse). Among the minority of honest and professionally competent Greek journalists, the most important (in my opinion) are Tassos Kostopoulos, Anna Psara, and Dimitris Psaras, who sign their excellent investigative articles as “The Carriers of the Virus” (“The Virus” being the title of their articles). Stavros Theodorakis who considers himself an investigative journalist could never be such a … “carrier”.]

Stavros as a journalist and a TV figure acts as an expert in the art of propagating his person and his assignment. So, in his first appearance to the public as a politician he carried a backpack, like any regular guy who follows the trend.  As expected, the first words he uttered in this his first appearance were: “stability”, “special interests” [meaning the labor unions], and “the international community”. Which are the basic words in the toolbox of the planners and with which we have been bombarded for most than 60 years. By the way I think that I am not wrong if I consider the term “stability” as meaning the perpetuation of the “status quo”. Because, the ones that ask for “stability” consider their rule [the “status quo”] as being the best possible.

Also, in that vein, years ago, he interviewed Konstantina Kuneva, in  his effort to build the image of the serious, cool, professional investigative journalist. Here, it is again necessary to repeat the paragraph referring to Kuneva in “Part one”:

“On the midnight of December 22, 2008, two Greek men attacked a woman who was returning to her home after her work as a cleaning woman at the Athens subway. They threw acid in her face, then forced her mouth open and poured acid down her throat. The name of the woman is Konstantina Kuneva, an immigrant from Bulgaria. From that day on she literally has lived in hospitals undergoing multiple surgery in her eyes and all the vital organs affected by the acid down her throat. Today, she lives in Paris, undergoing more treatment, and she is a candidate for the European Parliament with the party of SYRIZA.”

[Note: Anthony Baldwin commenting on this paragraph in “Part one” writes: “Such cruelty is difficult to believe.” Worse cruelty has been going on for millennia. For example, read “The Slave Ship” by Marcus Rediker , or read about the “feats” of Belgium’s King Leopold, or do not forget Nat Turner the American slave, etc. By the way, in a rare instance of “kindness” the Bible demands “an eye for an eye”, as it used to be “two eyes for an eye” and so on.]

Stavros, interviewed Kuneva in a matter-of-fact and rather professionally “frosty” way, insisting on the ordeal of the woman , etc. No act on his part, as an investigative journalist, to find who were the perpetrators of the cruelty. Kuneva, the cleaning woman, was a labor activist fighting for better work conditions. She was a thorn to the mafia-like and politically connected cleaning-contractor for whom she worked in the Athens subway.

Five years after the “difficult to believe” cruelty we, Greeks, do not know who were the two fiends that threw the acid and who ordered them to do that. Given that Kuneva was a labor activist, that the contractor that employed her is known, that the only other entity that was hostile to a Bulgarian immigrant woman are the Nazis, that the Nazis have penetrated all the Greek authorities, it is more than certain that the police, the judges, the politicians and the prime minister know who ordered the crime.

Of course, the Greek authorities tried to be “philanthropic” by donating to Kuneva a place to live. That is, they applied the very effective way of Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s “benign neglect”.

Kuneva had no help to find the acid-fiends, but Stavros and his “River” had help from the New York Times! In the April 25, 2014 issue of the International New York Times, a rare phenomenon took place. There appeared an article by a Greek journalist, Nikos Konstantaras, the managing editor of the above mentioned Greek paper “Kathimerini” bearing the title “From Pericles to Potami”. For the Western civilization, Pericles of the Athens of classical times, was and is the greatest politician ever. Thus, Stavros became a “buddy” of Pericles! Shall we consider the planners as being naive, ridiculous, or cynically effective?

The aim of the planners is to insert “The River” as a “centrist” wedge between the Left and the Right and in that process to weaken the leftist SYRIZA. We have to wait for the elections of May 25 to find out. Yet, Alexis Tsipras is doing the right thing. He is appealing to the Left, not only of Europe but of the World,  to unite with the Greeks against the planners. A couple of days ago he was in Moscow, after visiting most countries in Europe.

[Note: The choice of  the name “The River” may be the right one for Madison Avenue, but rivers, when transformed by human activity are not kind. Take scouring. If the water under a bridge is raised , say for 3 feet, then the soil under the bridge is scoured and removed at a depth of six times 3 feet, that is 18 feet. Gone are the piers of the bridge and whatever is on the bridge. Or, take the floodplain of a river, created by the Almighty when he“suspended the earth in the waters” [according to the Greek Orthodox Christianity]. Why my fellow engineers have never warned the ordinary citizens that it is not wise to build in the floodplain, which is accurately delineated by the Almighty Himself? The answer: the decisions in our societies are taken by K-Street and … the “Davids”.]

– The Nazis

Ernst Roehm was born in 1887. He is described as a fat, stocky, red-faced little man. He was a very close friend of Hitler and among the few people that Hitler addressed as “du” [the informal “you” in German].

In the Nazi “universe” there are the “blue-collar” Nazis [the thugs], the white-collar Nazis, and the elites [ the nobility, the economic leaders, et al, pretending to be Nazis]. The blue-collar Nazis do not realize that the white-collar Nazis use them to carry out the dirty jobs and then they [the white-collar] eliminate them. This could be named the “Ernst Roehm solution.”  Rohm , although he came from an old Bavarian family was, actually, a blue-collar Nazi, i.e. a thug. He was killed by Hitler in 1934.

Even the Whermacht was nothing else but a legion of blue-collar thugs used [to their death] by the rather degenerate elite, et. al. for not apparent goals and rather  inexplicable reasons.

Roehm’s accomplishments included:

– In the early years of the Nazis he was assigned the task to secure a secret cache of weapons to be used against the German state.

– He preached “socialism”!

– He fought to build a Soldatenstaat [Soldier’s State].

These three tasks could constitute what one might call the “Ernst Roehm face” of a Nazi movement.

In Greece today:

– The present rightist government knows that the Nazis have a “secret cache of weapons”, numbering in the thousands. There are no answers as to: 1. where they are stored, 2. who paid for them.

– The Greek Nazis are for the Greek proletariat and for the Greek precariat more enthusiastically than the Greek [Stalinist] commies!

– The evening news are replete with rather flabby Nazis doing military calisthenics [with their lardy torsos naked].

There is no doubt that the Ukraine Nazis of Kiev [who have very close ties to the Greek Nazis] have gone through their “Ernst Roehm phase” successfully with help of the planners’

Basic truth: There is no difference between a Nazi and a crypto-Nazi.


Brief Bulletin from Athens

– What kind of a world is it that allows the French, the British , the Americans, and other civilized nations to produce chemical weapons, sell them to a person like Assad of Syria, and finally decide to get rid of them, for humanitarian[!] reasons, by dumping them [“destroying” is their term] to the sea close to Crete, one of the most beautiful places on the Planet.

Here is the answer:

Crossroads Marine Disposal [of nuclear waste], operated by George Perry and John Santangelo. … For the most part, Santangelo and Perry were on their own. “It was pretty much of a free-for-all in those days what you did with your ‘stuff”, Santangelo recalls. … While the Atomic Energy Commission licensed Crossroads to dump at a specific site, Perry says puckishly that he can’t  be certain it all landed there. … adding; “Sometimes I couldn’t find the dumping ground”.

Later, Perry says, to replace the earlier practice of shooting holes in drums to make them sink, he invented a valve that would flood a container with seawater…

Perry says he invented the only recorded number about how much radioactivity Crossroads dumped off Cape Ann. … [The cape is located approximately 30 miles northeast of Boston.]


“George we need an ‘answer'” he says he was told [by the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy]. He provided the one that was offered as testimony: 4,004 containers containing 2,400 curies of radioactivity.

“I didn’t even know what a curie was”, Perry guffawed. … [Stephen Hilgartner, Richard C. Bell, Rorry O’Connor, “Nukespeak”, Penguin Books, 1983, pages 148,149; Boston Globe, 5 May 1980. Emphasis added]

The Cretans, who have fought against Hitler, assembled an armada of fishing and other boats and formed a symbolic “chain” to declare that they [the civilized nations] will not pass.

– A few days ago my companion and I were in the Athens subway. The car was quite crowded. Then a woman in her sixties, almost a look-alike of Humphrey Bogart’s wife [I do not recall her name], dressed in rather refined cloths, approached us said not a word, and hesitantly opened her palm for a coin. I cannot describe the pain and the pride in her eyes. It took us days to overcome the shock.

– The ship owners of Greece are a race apart. They are the chosen people of Greeks, a “chosen people” themselves according to the Nazis. They have been instruments of the planners even before World War Two. These Onassis types [or “Molassis” according to Walt Kelly’s “Pogo”!], they can marry the widow of JFK, the “white knight”. or they can kill their wives by kicking them to death and they are not even taken to a police station, etc. We Greeks have to finally know if these “people” pay taxes.

This just came in: Mining accident in Turkey! Have to stop here.

To my brothers and to my sisters in Turkey:

This has to stop!

You, the women of Turkey, you have to take things in your hands. Do not let your men work in the mines. This is not a way to earn a living.

Why were your men killed? They were killed for a few liras so that some assholes and their families would live in luxury.

This holds for all women in the world with their men working in mines.

No more pain for us.

Let the assholes and their families feel our rage.

Nikos Raptis


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