Gregory Alan Norton Bio

Norton has been an activist in the civil rights, peace, and labor movements. A tool and die maker by trade, he served as an organizer and newspaper editor for the United Steelworkers, and participated as a steward and organizer in other unions. In the accompanying photo Norton is the individual in the middle, on one knee, serving as Picket Line Capitan, while blocking trucks from leaving Staley corporation. Before moving to Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, his family came from le Pays des Illinois, specifically that part of Upper Louisiana around Vincennes, Indiana. He was born into the Vincennois community.

            He is the author of a novel, There Ain’t No Justice, Just Us and a book of short stories, An Infinity of Days in the Psychotic Atomik Empire, published by Plain View Press (www.plainviewpress.net) Both books have received critical recognition by Barbara Foley, the literary critic, as well as others in Reconstruction Studies in Contemporary Culutre Volume 10, Number 3, 2010 (http://reconstruction.eserver.org) Further information is available at www.gregoryalannorton.com

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