He-Man and the Master of the Indian Universe

The modern mythological space in India is being acted out by feudal political leaders that lack the corporate sophistication of a Barack Obama. Each leader in the smaller states of India lays claim to the post of the Prime Minister of India. Sharad Pawar from Maharashtra, Naraendra Modi from Gujarat, Jayalalitha from Tamil Nadu, Mayawati from Uttar Pradesh, laying claim to a throne that has been the right of the Nehru-Gandhi family. This could be jokying for position at the center in the possible coalition governement and could provide the right steroid to the people with parochial affiliation to propell them to the outer space, i.e…, Delhi.

With utter disregard to the great grand cultural tradition of India, Mayawati proposes herself for the post of Prime Minister, and quite like Barack Obama, making excellent overtures to the upper caste in Uttar Pradesh. The great fear in India is that with utter disregard to our great traditions, we might be ruled by a lower caste woman Prime Minister. Both Congress and the BJP will put its best foot forward to see that such a grand old tradition is not broken brazenly.

However, Mayawati is no Barack Obama, as she fights as a representative of her repressed caste and she is not a potential Harvard educated CEO of her country. Neither do Narendra Modi of Gujarat, Lal Kishan Advani of Sindh (now part of Pakistan), Lalu Prasaad Yadav of Bihar fit the bill. Lalu Prasaad Yadav has been a street smart CEO of the railways, a role Barack Obama will do well to emulate.

Cho Ramaswamy, a well know Brahmin socialist, quite in the grand tradition of Mussolini, champions the cause of his Excellency Narendra Modi for Prime Minister, a man who claims that if he is brought to power he will strive to convert every state in India to the progressive levels of Gujarat. Many years back when Deve Gowda became Prime Minister of India, he arrived in Delhi using the private plane of Vijay Mallya, a well know champion of the capitalist cause in Bangalore. He declared that soon he will convert many cities in India to Bangalore like richness (with excellent golf courses and parks). Of course, Deve Gowada himself arrived in Banaglore only quite recently, then, after a biiter struggle with his arch rival Ramakrishna Hegde, who always kept him in the outskirts of Bangalore. Having arrived in Bangalore with a bang, the conqueror of Bangalore now thought that he manufactured Bangalore (and not the other way around). Following this great Indian tradition Narendra Modi now decides that he created Gujarat and will soon manufacture other states using the same industrial mould.

Shining dictators like Adolf Hitler and George Bush grow in the fertile land of capitalism. Following suite in the modern progressive tradition of the West, new reincarnation of Hitler and Mussolini are being manufactured in fertile feudal land of India, which has its own rich and glorious traditions of the past.


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