(A play with Hegemon, outspoken leading man;
the innocent Subordo, from a world apart;
and simple Publico, of short attention span;
and Opulo, the merchant.) Let us start.

Says Hegemon: "It's vital that we intercede
to help you govern." Says Subordo in reply:
"This serves us well. In compensation we'll concede
our country's wealth." But as its fortunes go awry,

Subordo nominates a leader for reform.
Says Hegemon: "His record of debauchery
and greed will devastate your land. You must transform
your nation to a market-based democracy!"

The people balk, thus Hegemon's soliloquy:
"Such insolence demands that we suspend
all trade." Subordo, cast aside in misery,
appeals to Hegemon, who promises to send

a righteous leader to restore the fragile peace.
Says Publico: "You're welcome to our bank accounts!"
Says Opulo: "Our arms production must increase!"
As Hegemon prepares a gala to announce

the victory, Subordo cries, "Our homes are lost,
our land destroyed!" Says Hegemon, "We must denounce
the enemy, and then rebuild at any cost!"
Says Publico: "You're welcome to our bank accounts!"

Says Opulo: "Rebuilding? Let me calculate."
And Hegemon declares in mighty voice: "We state
the Truth — throughout the world our message resonates!"
(Then silence, as production terminates.)

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