Honor the Corona Warriors

When soldiers go to battle,

They have guns in hand.

They can see the enemy,

They can kill, defend.


But, the nurses and the doctors

Who tend infected cases

Have not a clue when

The virus may hit their faces.


When soldiers die fighting,

Their loved ones their  losses rue;

But an infected Corona warrior

Can kill his family too.


Yet, driven by their oath to life,

They battle in a cause

That disallows all cautions,

And has no room for pause.


So, we who are in lockdown safe

Salute these women and men

Who take on an unseen marauder

That is an apparition.


Dangers that are beyond our ken

Often make us beasts.

Corona warriors are deserving

Of the holiest of feasts.

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    Joel Isaacs March 28, 2020 8:44 pm 

    Thank you for calling our attention to this parallel.
    And our government’s policies are making their risk even more dangerous.

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