Human Rights On Film


          OUR RIGHTS
The Promotion of Human Rights
Through Independent Media

Our World Our Rights:
The Promotion of Human Rights through Independent Media

Abstract Pgs 4-6
Mission Statement pg 7
Our world, Our Philosophy pgs 8-9
Our Inspirations pgs 10-14
What are our Human Rights pgs 15-16
How OWOR plans to operate 17-20
About Our Website pg21
How we aim to link with other collectives pg22
How we will raise our money Pgs 23-24
Our World, Our Rights: Final Word pg 25
Bibliography pg 26

Human rights documented through the media of film has become an essential tool for those trying to protect the people across the globe from abuse and oppression. Our World, Our Rights (OWOR) aims to promote the use of film as way of documenting, recording and promoting the concept of human rights as outlined the in the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights. OWOR aim to create a collective that will work underneath the mainstream media.
Inspired by the peoples of Venezuela and the various collectives they have set up to document the story of the Bolivarian Revolution, we aim to counter the mainstream media’s attachment to private ownership and the undemocratic means by which the news is presented to people. We believe that it is only through organising ourselves that we can break the monopoly that currently exists in Britain and increasingly the entire globe.
OWOR do not aim to create a centralised body that offers leadership on any issue or cause. Instead OWOR hope to create a collective alongside many other independent collectives, all with a similar philosophy; the promotion of human rights and its attachment to democracy.
In Venezuela people have the support of their government in setting up independent bodies that produce films, documentaries, etc. OWOR do not have the same luxury in this country. This is where we aim to fill the gap. Through the donations of our members and various other fundraising events we hope to create a fund that will buy equipment for the use of all the collectives that we hope will join our aim.
This may sound like central control over finances but, as already stated, OWOR ai

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