Impact of GATT on World Hunger

Balancing Production with Demand: The European Plan

The plan presented by the European Community (EC) calls for a sharp reduction in export dumping through establishement of minimum export "reference" prices and through negotiations on marketshares. The EC plan specifically recognzes the right of nations to maintain their jown domestic farm policies.

Specifics of teh European proposal include:  

"As regards cereals, the situation can be imporved only if the export subsidies war is ended.  To this end, the main cereal-exporting countries should undertake not to chrge prices below reference prices to be agreed for comparabel qualities and delivery terms.  Such undertakings maightbe supplemented by undertakings on marketshares to be agreed taking into account on the one hand each party's exports in a recent representative period andoth the other of world market forecasts.

However, the Communithy to agree to an undertaking on marketshares, its partners world have to accept certain limitations on imports of cereal substitutes.  .   .   ."

(Excerpt:  pp. 3-4)

(See:  "Farm Bill Primer:"  "World Support:"    http://www.zcomm.org/zspace/bradwilson

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