In a Just World…

In a Just World…

Palestine would build giant concrete walls along the Green Line and hire ICE to deport the illegal aliens back to where they came from

Seriously. If ever there was a case for putting up walls and deporting immigrants Palestine has it. For decades we have seen the Palestinian people endure an endless "nakba." It bothers me when apologists for NaZionism and US imperialism say "they should have accepted peace back in the 1920s." How obscene. Who would accept a ruling of foreign governments that gave your land to someone else? Assuming the US had never stolen half of Mexico to begin with, would the US accept a UN ruling that gave half of the US to Mexico? No. We wouldn’t. And if the tables were turned and Mexico was strong and we were weak how would we respond to the comments of depraved individuals who say "you should’ve accepted the offer"?

Over the decades Palestinians and the world have repeatedly offered a solution that complied with international law. The US and Israel has refused time and time again.

Imagine someone has broken into your home with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other, and this perp says, "According to my god this land belonged to ‘my people’ thousands of years ago. Get out!"

Imagine you refused.

Imagine they corralled you into smaller and smaller places until you were imprisoned in your own closet, cut off from water, food and medical aid.

Imagine they blocked others from helping you.

Imagine the desperation you would feel as every attempt to right the wrong is thwarted by a local politician who not only has veto power of council decisions but also has lots of money and weapons to provide the perp.

This is just a fraction of the taste of real life for the Palestinians and in a just world THEY would build the wall and deport the illegal immigrants.

Iran would pre-emptively bomb the US

The US is circling Iran with military bases. We have already invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. We openly support terrorist groups like the MEK. We knowingly distort the truth about their nuclear program. In 2003 Iran offered an extensive peace deal with the US and Israel. They said they would enter a peace treaty, cut off aid to Hamas and Hizbollah and end their nuclear program. In return they wanted the US and Israel to comply with international law and accept Iran as a regional player. The Swedish diplomat who delivered the offer was punished.

Iran also supports FISSBAN. They support an international team of nuclear inspectors to oversee their nuclear program to ensure it is for peaceful purposes only. Israel refuses to sign the NPT or even admit it has nukes, and the US refuses to accept.

In the face of such obstructions to peace and justice, the threats of attacks and the massing of war ships off Iran’s coast there actually is a legitimate argument to be made for a pre-emptive strike on the US and in a just world our cities would be subjected to the brutality we visit on others unless we become civilized members of the international community.

Colombia would ‘fumigate’ tobacco crops

I remember about five years or so the Fort Worth Weekly wrote up a great article on Plan Colombia. They wrote about how the US and local companies like DynCorp were using chemical warfare to chase people off oil-rich land under the banner of fighting the War on Drugs.

I also remember that in Noam Chomsky’s Deterring Democracy he talked about how the US imposes tobacco on foreign markets despite some country’s objections that the addictive substance is a killer.

A student of journalism at UT in Austin, TX, Matt ‘DC’ Tedrow, recently wrote a massive study on the New York Times and the US military activities in the country. Hopefully it will be published soon but in a just world the Carolina’s would be subjected to heavy fumigation of tobacco fields leaving US residents displaced and contaminated with poison.

Cuba would embargo the US and subject Miami to extensive terrorist operations

Year after year the UN General Assembly votes to end the embargo. And year after year the results are almost always the same. 170-something countries vote for ending the embargo while US and a couple of island countries like the Marshall Islands vote against.

For decades we have punished the island for its independence. We always coveted the island and we used the Spanish-American War (and the subsequent Platt Amendment) to have it. When Batista fell to Castro’s forces we went beserk. We tried assassination, economic strangulation, terrorism, invasion, isolation. We even brought the world dangerously close to a nuclear war. Operation Ortsac (Castro spelled backwards) was planned BEFORE the Cuban Missile Crisis and this is why Cuba asked for Russian help to deter an invasion. After learning what Cuba had done our insanity escalated and a confrontation ensued. The US even fired on a nuclear-armed sub and if it weren’t for a commander who refused to obey orders to fire off the nukes we would most likely not be here today.

Russia certainly had its own interests to help Cuba. With US nukes in Turkey aimed at Moscow, Russia used the incident to deter the US as well. Kennedy vowed to remove the missiles but didn’t bother telling the ‘Ruskies’ that they were being phased out anyway (sort of like Obama’s stunt last year in regards to the missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic – it was reported that he was disabling the program but in reality he was moving them to "mobile" locations on submarines).

In a just world Cuba would embargo the US, assassinate our presidents, carry out biological and chemical warfare against us, arm and equip local terrorist groups to carry out attacks in Miami and so on and so forth.

The ICC would deplete the US of its political leadership via war crimes tribunals

For anyone who has read William Blum’s book Killing Hope; US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II you know just how extensive our criminal activity has been.

If international law was enforced fairly the US would almost be completely without any political leadership. We would have to create Participatory Polities and their community and nested councils out of necessity! If Robert Jackson’s words about the rules applying to us as well as the Nazi’s were not hollow then the rope needed to hang American policy makers would be a booming global market. From our immediate efforts to dominate Europe in post-WWII (when Nazi criminals like Klaus Barbie were recruited) to the recolonization of South Asia and Africa to the imperialism of the Middle East and the building of neo-nazi dictatorships in Latin America and beyond, the US has established an impressive record of being a rogue state and in a just world we would be held accountable.

But we don’t live in a just world. At this point the most we can reasonably ask for is not justice, but an end to our hostilities and that won’t happen until the American population forces its government to behave itself.

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