In defense of democracy and social, civil and political rights in Brazil

La Via Campesina International gathered in the Marabá municipality, in the state of Para, Brazil, on the occasion of the International Conference on the Agrarian Reform, which took place between April 13 and April 17, 2016, with representatives of 28 countries of the 10 regions that make it up, comes to publicly express its concern on Brazil’s current political situation. The organization is gathered to denounces any type of coup attempt that may put democracy at risk. And it also defends the immediate implementation of the Popular Agrarian Reform and the deepening of policies of social inclusion and income distribution in Brazil.

The Brazilian dominant class and the agribusiness are against land redistribution and the protection of Brazilian workers’ social rights. We know that imperialist companies want to enable private appropriation of Brazil’s natural resources for their lucrative projects, preventing their social appropriation for uses of public interest.

We send our solidarity to the Brazilian social fighters, workers and to the the Brazilian people in general because we understand that the attack that Brazil is suffering from the coupist right is linked to the great imperialist blow in other parts of the world, especially in Latin America

We reject the coup attempt and we defend the continuity of the mandate of President Dilma Rousseff, which was democratically earned in the polls.

La Vía Campesina International

Marabá, April 15, 2016.

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