Infosys, India’s own IBM, and is Narendra Modi its fascist coolie?

Business community get its latest fascist coolie, Narendra Modi

Just as Sri Lanka has got its fascist Prime Minister, now India is waiting for its fascist to arrive. After all, the highly advanced Germany had its Hitler, United States had George Bush. What's wrong if India had its own version of Hitler, his highness Narendra Modi.

Just like the information technology theft exemplified by Facebook, where the user inadvertently gives off information, India's own Aadhar Card system initiated by Nandan Nilekani, former co-chairman of Infosys, has laid the foundation for a fascist Indian state.

Just like his highness Adolf Hitler, Narendra Modi, through murder and mayhem is now getting ready to become the next Prime Minister of India. India's Information Technology specialists will be providing the enabler technology required for his Highness Narendra Modi to rule over India like a true fascist. The story of the crucial intellectual role played by IBM in the holocaust implemented by Hitler will be worth studying as we get ready for the events to unfold in India.

All the business houses and multi-nationals are getting ready for the killing-fields in India that Narendra Modi will lay open for them once he gets to power.

It has been a great hope of the upper caste Hindus of India that Narendra Modi will provide the ideal platform for the launching of the Hindutva agenda. Modi knows that although Hindutva is useful to get him into the center stage, it is not sufficient to propel him to outer-space of business community, his actual owners. His utterances that in Ayodhya toilets are more important than Ram temple is such an utterance meant to assuage those business men who are worried about the violence that Hindutva will unfold.

Like a typical coolie of the business class he will sing and dance to their tune like how the great monkey king Hanuman danced to the tune of Ram in the Ramayan.

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