Is Un-Cut Enough?

Throughout Europe and now the U.S., a grassroots movement has sprung up to embarrass corporate tax dodgers into paying up. Actions at places such as Bank of America, Verizon and General Electric draw attention to the fact these massively profitable entities pay little or no taxes.  Using loop-holes, foreign tax havens and other legal mechanisms, these companies extravagantly reward their officers and share holders,  but have no problem letting middle class Americans foot the tax bill to keep society operating.

The question is, does shaming these entities into paying more in any way affect the structural injustice of the capitalist system? Can victory be declared if the government is better funded but the wretched , democracy destroying system remains entrenched? 

The slogan "We will not pay for your crisis" must be extended to say "We are done with crises altogether". It is not enough to deny that austerity is required ( the massive debt is real and won't go away).  A left unwilling to let their children be burdened with interest payments, foreign wars, crumbling infra-structure and escalating inequality must be willing to let the system default and crash, through strike action, through removing your participation, through abandoning the illusion that the task is simply to get through this crisis with "social programs " intact. 

 To simply say : We  Refuse to Pay is no longer enough. It is time to say : We refuse to live crisis to crisis.

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