Jimmy Carter Gets It Wrong – by Mark E. Smith

The primary reason that the US has one of the worst elections systems in the world is that the Constitution was written in such a way as to ensure that those who owned the country, the wealthy elite 1% like the 39 aristocratic slave-owners who signed the Constitution, would always rule the country. This was accomplished by ensuring that the popular vote didn't have to be counted and would not be the final say. Many people think that the Supreme Court intervention that made Bush President in 2000 even though Gore won the popular vote, was a one-time or rare occurrence and isn't likely to happen again. But it happens all the time and will continue to happen in every election. When local elections officials, or city or state governments decide not to count the popular vote, they do so knowing that the people have no appeal–the Constitution does not require that the popular vote be counted. Millions of votes simply vanish in every election and we have no way of knowing how many millions of votes are added. When the unverifiable results are announced, sometimes people are angry (if their candidate didn't "win" the "election") and sometimes people are complacent (if their candidate "won" the "election"), but in neither case can anyone be certain that the popular vote was actually counted accurately.

US voters are so apathetic that they don't really care if millions of votes vanish and if the results cannot be verified–they only care about whether or not their candidate wins, and even then, they are so apathetic that they don't even care if their candidate, having won, breaks every campaign promise they made and betrays them totally.

-Mark E Smith, Full-Time Election Boycott Activist THE FULL ARTICLE IS HERE: http://fubarandgrill.org/node/ 1448

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