Libya is Burning

Gaddafi’s militia attacked Zawiyah-a rebel controlled town in Libya-Saturday morning. It has been described by residents as a massacre. The militia is using heavy weaponry and machine guns to fire on the rebels. The rebels are trying to fight back, but without the necessary means to do so. Sometimes it is a matter of just throwing rocks at the militia. One resident said, “I am watching neighbors dying unarmed in front of their homes.” The militia were using tanks and heavy artillery at both the east and west sides of the town. The resident also said, “I don’t know how many are being killed, but I know my neighborhood is being killed.” Three hours after the attack began, another resident stated, “Everything is burning. We don’t know from which side they are shooting us-from the buildings or from the streets. People are falling everywhere.”

This is beginning to look like a civil war, or at least a relentless massacre. Rebels are being murdered by the militia in cities all over Libya. One man said Gaddafi had been killing the people of his country for 41 years. I am reminded of Saddam Hussein when he was brutally massacring his people, even people in office with him. These are ruthless dictators with the same traits: total paranoia and megalomania. I would say from Gaddafi’s three hour speeches where he rants on and on, not to forget all his other actions, is symptomatic of someone with severe mental problems. Seems obvious, although not many are talking about it. America seems to approach the irrational with rationalities. Obama asking Gaddafi to step down is utterly pointless. He would kill all the rebels in his country before ever stepping down. That is my opinion. But since I believe he is delusional, it makes sense that he would refuse to leave office. He feels strong, powerful, and invincible. We need powerful intervention in order for this to end. So many are dying. So many are injured. But, the people know what is right and Gaddafi’s tyranny must end. The rebels won’t stop until it does.

The people of Libya, who are known to be rebels, risk their lives every time they leave their homes or go to their mosques for prayers. Their whole way of life is being shattered, but they believe it is worth the risk. It will probably get worse before it gets better. And the question remains: how will it get better? Who is going to intervene?

I pray for the Libyan people. Their fate is on the line. I hope the world does not shut their eyes on what is happening. The atrocities are escalating. Hopefully, there will be some resolution and it will end soon. Unfortunately, we don’t know.

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