Local Public Service of Communications

 The concept of a self-perpetuating information and communications machine.


The ideal being that the machine, the economic and technological structure in place, brings in enough information and can communicate it in such a way as it keeps going under its own momentum.  This is with optimal production, provision structures, incentives, infrastructure etc. in place


Convergence of the above technologies with the express aim of heading toward the ideal conditions underlying public good production, in the local setting.


The constant goal is to reduce rivalry (to non-rivalry ideally):

  • Constantly striving to reduce costs, to nil (for the individual but collectively it is paid for in the local setting, market, theatre etc.
  • Also to increase consumption possibilities (and demand to sustainable levels for the perpetual motion machines concept)


Increase available benefits (to non-exclusive ideally) to all through:

  • Accessible through as broad a range of medium as possible
  • Increase levels of active participation
  • Increase sectoral participation (public, private and civil society)
  • With ultimate goal to increase and broaden the benefits of communications consumption for all within the local setting, aiming toward non-exclusivity for all


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