May Day and New Internationalism

Every year the momentum of May Day as a memorial to the victory of the workers in the United States are struggling for work for eight hours is celebrated through various movements around the world. Each country is commemorating Labor Day with protests demanding a variety of well-being of the world labor camp, in 2012 this momentum can be used as a day laborer day of resistance against capitalism and the establishment of a new internationalist. This is reasonable because the owners of the massive capital expense of the workers for the benefit of capitalism, the crisis that hit europe, us, and started in most of Asia caused many companies to cut the number of employees and close his office. Thus the number of unemployed has increased and led to increasingly widespread poverty throughout the world, but rich people continue to play its only for the benefit of individuals, families, and groups. So the reason that it was time to progressive groups consolidate to form joint anti-capitalist movement and create a new internationalist Based participatory.

Forms of resistance against the domination of capitalism, imperialism , racism, and the power of the state for decades are continuing with varying degrees of escalation from the blockade, clashed with police, protest, occupying the center of the economy (such as occupy wall street), to protest a meeting of capitalists (G8, G20, IMF, World Bank), to overthrow govt. The demonstrators were hardly any of the workers but also involving students, women, the poor, unemployment, gay / lesbian, and other progressive groups. In each May Day they go down streets to voice their rights are bound both by the system and the various rules. Now is the time left movements and progressive throughout the world united in a single international platform that unites the power of movement to destroy capitalism and its system of neo-liberalism is one of the system. Make May Day 2012 as the momentum of the establishment of new international anti-capitalist, left, progressive, and so forth. Movement experiences in recent years such as the Arab Spring, occupy movement, social movement in Europe, labor protest in China, student protests in Chile, Blockade of workers in Indonesia, the increase in anti fuel oil prices movement in Nigeria and many other social movements around the world have time to unite in a single platform that is a new International. Through a network of IOPS is a wide range of ideas can be unified in order to immediately form an international platform.

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