Merkel’s Incredible Feat! (Part one)

Angela Merkel (a Cheney – Rumsfeld – Wolfowitz "offering" to the world) managed to turn almost an entire society, the Greek society, into a healthy political force; a leftist force. 


"The Saxon Lady … had 'a 40-minute lunch at the Pentagon … with Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz'. She 'drew appreciative laughter when she said that having grown up near Berlin before the fall of the wall, she has a little bit of new Europe in her'……….


In the early months of 2001 she [Merkel] tours America and chats with Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Collin Powel. On April 24, 2001 Angela is photographed in the office of Congressman Henry Hide, sitting on a luxurious leather armchair with the American flag in the background………… 


So the 'baptism' of Angela Merkel in the holy waters of the American Shiloah was underway … Thus, Merkel advanced in this procedure so much that she 'drew an appreciative laughter' from Rumsfeld and Co., while licking their 'hands' …


Some of her [German] fellow-politicians [in 2001!] are even afraid of her. (Because they know that if her US baptism goes well, then she will be able to terrorize anybody she feels like.)"


This is an excerpt from my ZNet Commentary, "A Tale of Two Ladies", of March 15, 2003.


Of course, almost three years later, on November 22, 2005, Merkel, the Saxon lady, became "Kanzlerin" of the German folk.


There is no doubt that the majority of the post-Hitler politicians have been fervent arselickers of the US elites. However, the crown goes to Merkel, hands down.


So, it is not unreasonable to accept that the umbilical cord connecting Merkel to the US elite is still there. Which means that her acts as "Kanzlerin" have a lot to do with the "desires" of the US elite.


Which, in turn, leads us to the conclusion that ultimately it is the US elite that have been the originators of the feat accomplished by Merkel in Greece.


Of course, I have to explain what I mean by the expression: a "healthy leftist" society or force. This is necessary because, the term "Left" has become meaningless. For example, in the US, Obama – of the drones, of the US Navy Seals murderers, of the bonuses to the Wall Streeters, etc – is considered a "leftist"!


I think that a person is a "healthy leftist", if he or she:


– is not an asshole (most of his life)


– talks to his neighbor


– helps his neighbor (when in need)


– does not exploit his neighbor 


– does not support covert or overt authoritarianism


– does not support wars or violence


– does not approve of profit, growth, and competition


– respects nature 


– respects justice


– respects knowledge


– respects his fellow-humans


– is modest


So, it seems (repeat: seems) that humans are born as "leftists". The family, schools, the wider social environment, etc., destroy this attribute for many people.


However, there is a situation that forces most persons that have lost their inborn "leftism" to regain it. That situation is poverty. Murray Bookchin, a few years before his death, had come to a similar conclusion.


So, this is what Merkel & Co. have accomplished with the Greek society. 


Before, the Merkel "attack" the situation in Greece, as mentioned in previous Commentaries, was approximately the following:


– "Socialists" (PASOK): around 40 %


– New Democracy, conservatives, i.e. rightists: around 35 %


– KKE, Communists (Stalinists): around 6 %


– SYRIZA (Eurocommunist roots): around 3 %


After the Merkel "attack" and the thrusting of 1/3 of the Greek population, about 3.5 million people, into deep poverty, the Greeks regained their inborn leftism, that is their dignity. So the situation today, February 2012, according to recent opinion polls, is the following:


– "Socialist (PASOK): around 10 %


– New Democracy, conservatives: around 30 %

[Which agrees with my claim, in previous writings, that about 33 % of any given population are assholes, a.k.a. conservatives, Republicans, Christian Democrats, etc.]


– KKE, Communists (Stalinists): around 12 %


– SYRIZA (Eurocommunists): around 12 %


– Democratic Left (new party, split from SYRIZA, see below, in "Part Two"): around 13 %


– Greens (with anarchist roots): around 5 %


So, Merkel & Co, in only two years, created a Greek Left that, in all, numbers a political force of around 42%.


This has scared the shit out of the Greek rightists (especially) the neo-Nazis, but mostly Merkel's mentors in Washington, D.C. Also, it is troubling for the Israelis, who have a very chummy relationship with the American-born Greek prime minister, George Papandreou. An exaggeration?


Read this:


In 1958 the Greek party of EDA, a front for the then-outlawed Greek communist party, gained 24.4 of the votes, in the parliamentary elections of that year. The result: a 7-years-long (1967-1974) military dictatorship for the Greeks, offered by the noble people at Langley, as ordered, again, by the US elite.


Therefore, the real problem now is not the "debt", but the "Lefties".


What happened yesterday (Sunday, February 12, 2012) in Athens, can have only one explanation: the Greek population must be terrorized and start doubting about the Left. Because, if the "virus" of the Greek Left spreads to the rest of Europe, then the US elite, and even the … Chinese elite would be in trouble.


The questions to be answered are:


– Who benefits from yesterday's destruction? Might it be the present Greek government and Merkel & Co.?


– Is there an honest person in the world who will accept that an anarchist will break into small ordinary shops, owned by lower middle-class people, to loot the place clean and turn the family of the small shop-keeper into beggars?


– Why most Greeks, even right-wingers, believe that the two 19th century buildings that were burnt have been "chosen" for "demolition through fire" and for future development, as the buildings, being part of the Greek heritage, were "untouchable" for development during the last half century?


– What explanation can be given for the fact that the destruction "modus operandi" of the hooded persons, and the looting, was so vulgar that it points only to members of the criminal society of prison graduates, hired by the Greek police?


– Why, the minister of Public Order, a certain Christos[!!] Papoutsis, a well-known "hard" person, who supervised the destruction, as the political head of the police, is (for the time being) beyond accountability?


– Why minister Papoutsis prohibited the communist unions, a crowd of about 50,000 people, with a vanguard of tough construction workers, to move to Syntagma Square and face down the hooded provocateurs?


[Note: As I am writing this, on the Greek state-TV, one Panos Beglitis, a PASOK "socialist" and a "chosen person" (in the sense of a "chosen people" by the Almighty) is analyzing to the Greeks what is in stock for them. My guess is that we should remember the name of this rather "aggressive" gentleman.]   

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