“MIC CHECK” How to beat censorship where it counts

Solidarity just found a new expression: “Mic check messages” a way for truth to be heard on any stage.

It takes balls to stand up and speak out in defense of right especially in a meeting arranged by those who have an agenda that does not unite humanity or respect nature. But what do you do if the people don't have control of the actual microphone? You deliver a "MIC CHECK message".

Worlds first Mic Check Message

This movement will hopefully grow to become an effective and standalone offshoot of the Occupy movement. It involves standing up in a meeting to speak up for truth, equality, love common sense and harmony (which includes justice, peace, exposing corruption and rascism). This kind of participation is called a "mic test message" (MTM)
Typical steps for delivering a mic test message:
1/ Identify a meeting that could really do with a "Mic test message"
2/ Prepare what you want to be said in the meeting
3/ Vet it with others and gain support for this message to be heard
4/ Make copies of the message
5/ Enroll more people and get their commitment to attend
6/ Give everyone a copy of the MTM and make a commitment to see it through
7/ Make sure their are independent recording devices there so that those that miss the meeting can still benefit from the message
8/ Someone stand up and even go to the front to announce the "Mic test" to which all should repeat in support.
9/ Announcer begins reading and everyone else repeating in bight size portions
10/ If when the announcer is removed the next person gets up and picks up where left off
11/ Continue to stand up announcers until the mic test message is complete
12/ Share your mic test with the world!
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