O my Motherland,

I bow to thee and do thee


You are bountiful and caring;

You make me survive

Even when I am starving.


O Motherland,

You give me strength to labour

In sickness and in houseless travail.

They deny me medicine

And a minimum wage,

But in my love of you,

I prevail.


When the floods come,

And the pandemic rages,

My hutment is washed away,

And fever wracks my body;

But I pray to thee

And draw sustenance from ages

Of wisdom left us by sages

Who taught us never to strive

Against our destiny,

But to look beyond our pain

To rewards that await us

In the hereafter where the oppressors

Will surely lose their earthly dividends

To our sumptuous and eternal gain.


O Motherland, governments

Come and go, but you remain.

You teach me to disregard governments,

And the cruelties they vent on me,

And to be steady and whole

In the spiritual force my hunger

Bestows upon my loyal soul.


O best of all Motherlands,

I bow to thee again and again.

In my love of thee and thy care

Of me, I glory and feel no pain.

My stunted children see my

Prayerful resolve, my doubtless bows,

And learn how to live uncomplaining lives.

O Motherland, in your grace of giving

Everything thrives.

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